Candeo Dolce

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I have another Candeo polishes to show. This is Dolce!

Candeo Dolce is described by Melinda, the creator of Candeo polishes as follows.

Dolce has a cotton candy pink base with dark pink shimmer and multiple sizes of white, holo purple & silver hex and bar glitter. Also, holo silver half moons are in the mix. 

So let's go to the pictures!

1 coat of Candeo Dolce over 2 coats of Astor 133.

Candeo Dolce
Final verdict: This polish is so girly and pretty! I must admit I'm not used to wearing baby pink nails but I really enjoy this color and I want to wear pink more often now. The glitters are suspended in a candy pink base. Here I used one coat over a base pink polish (see below) because I have the mini bottle and wanted to save it. However, one of my friends used it by itself with three coats and it looked perfectly opaque and pretty. The glitters consist of pink, purple, lavender, and silver hexagons in different sizes. There are also silver bar glitters and holgraphic moons. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see any moons in my mini bottle but perhaps they hide in the bulk and as the base is not sheer you cannot see them at the surface of the bottle. However, my friend (still the same friend :p) who has the regular size bottle got a pretty moon on her index. So yeah, there are definitely some moons in there. But with or without moons, I love all the colors in this polish and the choice of the glitters. White and pink look awesome together! The formula was great, it was very easy to work with and to get a large amount of glitters on the brush. The glitters glide on the nails easily. So this is a winner!!

The base color: Astor 133
Here is the base color I used for this mani. It's a pastel pink creme from the brand Astor. The name of the polish is actually a number, it's 133. This polish is part of a spring limited edition (2012). 

The color of this polish is not fully accurate on my pictures, sorry. In real life, it looks a little more pink and not that salmon. The formula of this polish was not great. I had some trouble applying it because it was a bit thick and it takes a long time to dry. So it's not the best pink creme you can find on the market...

Purchase info 
Candeo polishes can be purchased from Candeo Colors. You can follow Candeo Colors on Facebook.

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