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I have swatches of the "new" essence Colour3 polishes lying on my computer for a few months now and I haven't found the opportunity to post them....I think time has come to show you these pretties!

This new essence line is composed of 6 new polishes (you can see a preview here) but I only got three of them because I have to behave well and not to buy too many things!

So let's start with 01 Midnight Date.
01 Midnight Date is composed of an opaque dark blue polish with a nice shimmer  (Midnight Date, it has the same name as the whole polish stick) and a flakie top coat (City That Never Sleeps). In the blue polish, you can spot some purple and green. The color is really intense and deep. Concerning the top coat, the flakies are suspended in a sheer purple base and the color of the flakies is mainly green. You also have a very pretty purple shimmer running through it. I can't remember if I used 1 or 2 coats for Midnight Date, sorry. I used 1 coat of City That Never Sleeps.

Bottle shot of City That Never Sleeps.

The second one I got is 04 A Walk In The Park.
04 A Walk In The Park is composed of a medium green creme with a light shimmer in it (A Walk In The Park, again the same name as the stick itself) and a top coat made of white/silver flakes in a green-whitish base (Stop For An Ice Cream). When you look carefully at the bottle, you can actually see those white/silver flakes but on the nails, it rather has the look of a glass fleck polish (not true flakies). I used 2 coats of A Walk in the Park topped with one coat of Stop For An Ice Cream.

Bottle shot of Stop For An Ice Cream.

And finally we have 05 Boys Are Back In Town.
05 Boys Are Back In Town is made of a grayed out purple creme, a kind of Chanel Paradoxal shade (Boys Are Back In Town) and a top coat consisting in a sheer base with purple/blue shimmer (It's Just A Little Crush). This was 2 coats of the base color topped with one coat of It's Just A Little Crush.

Bottle shot of It's Just A Little Crush.

Application was flawless and really easy for all shades. The base colors for the 3 polishes are really pretty and I think I will wear them with and without their corresponding top coat. essence did also a great job with the top coats, you have one with flakies, one with  glass fleck and another with a pretty purple/blue shimmer. I like the variety of finishes they made in those top coats!
Each stick contains 2x 4 mL (2x .013 fl.oz).

Purchase info:
Essence nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria , Spain or Switzerland, you can search for a store that sells Essence polishes here.
These polishes are part of the current regular essence polish line.
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