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OMG! Look at what I found today! I'm so excited! I found a display of the famous essence Snow White Trend Edition! Unfortunately  the display was already quite empty. I took the polishes that were left. I promised to buy this collection for a friend if I happened to find it so I won't be able to swatch the polishes but I'll show you bottle shots!
I hope I'll be able to find more of them because I love some of the colors and I'd also love to get some for myself! 

This collection is made of 7 dwarf-size polishes (not exactly dwarf-size, they are 5mL), 1 Snow White polish (10mL) and 3 glitter polishes (the evil queen, the huntsman, and the prince charming, 10mL). To know more about this collection, you can look at the preview information here.

Here are the pictures!

l-r: The Huntsman, Bashful, Snow White, Sleepy, Evil Queen.

l-r: The Huntsman, Evil Queen, Snow White.

The Huntsman is just breathtaking! It's made of medium gold and smaller copper hex glitters and there are some holo shreds in it!! It looks amazing!! I wanna see what Prince Charming looks like because it seems to be a blue version of it. Evil Queen is a clear base polish packed with medium purple hex glitters and finally Snow White is a beautiful cherry red jelly. I'm not sure it's a jelly but, according to the way the polish moves in the bottle (does it make any sense? lol) it seems to be a jelly. It's close in terms of color to OPI Keys to My Karma.

l-r: Bashful, Sleepy.

Bashful is a very interesting polish. I thought at first it was a plain green creme but not at all! It's infused with gold dust and it looks amazing. The base color is a medium green. Sleepy is a light blue hue with a lovely blue-purple shimmer. The blue base looks a quite dusty.

Snow White.

Evil Queen.

The Huntsman.



And here is a bonus picture!!

The Huntsman!! Have you seen that? It's GORGEOUS!!

What a great collection, isn't it? I'm really impressed by The Huntsman! I love the holo shreds in it! I really hope I'll be able to find more of them!

Purchase info:
Essence nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria , Spain or Switzerland, you can search for a store that sells Essence polishes here.
You can like and follow essence on Facebook.


PS I participated in a Lancôme contest and I'd LOVE to win. Can you help me getting more votes, please? that would be so nice from you!

In order to vote you have to:
  • Like Lancôme Switzerland's FB page (click here to like it).
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  • Click on "Francais".
  • Click on "tous les looks" tab (at the top of the main picture).
  • You will see my picture. Click on it. Can you then click on the "heart" button, please? In this way, you'll give me 1 vote!

The person that get the most "likes" will win the entire Lancôme "Rouge in Love" lipstick and "Vernis in Love" polish collection! Isn't it amazing? I can't almost believe it!
Thank you so much if you vote for me! <3

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