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Today I have a review of KandNail CK-02 image plate for you. This plate can be purchased from Born Pretty Store. I think most of you already knows this shop but in case you don't, it's a shop specialized in nail art and in a lot of different makeup items.

Let's start with some manicures I did with this plate and then I'll go more into details concerning the whole plate.
I did this first manicure with Catrice Attracting Camouflage as the base color. This polish is amazing and I love it so much! I'll write a full article on this polish soon! And then I stamped with Konad special polish in black using KandNail image plate CK-02.

As you can see here, the pattern is quite small as it doesn't cover my entire nails. However, the design transfers well from the pate onto the nails.
As the pattern was a bit small, I used a small brush to add the missing parts (see picture below). It was sincerely super easy to do because you just have to extend the lines that are already painted on your nails. If you look at it from super close, it's not perfect because I used my non-dominent hand to do it but still, it looks nice.

For my second try, I used 630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah! from Catrice as the base color. It's also a gorgeous polish that I really love at the moment. It's a very light lavender with a lot, really a lot of grey in it. Inside, it looks almost like a soft grey but when you go out you can see the lavender in it. It's a very interesting and pretty polish. And then I used again Konad special polish in black to stamp the design.

I LOVE this manicure a lot! The pattern reminds me of those famous glitter shards that are really popular at the moment. What is cool here is that you can use different colors to have different shards on your nails or you can coordinate the colors of them with the color of your base polish. For my pinky, I stamped the pattern once and I stamped it twice for my other nails to have a best coverage  because again the design is quite small.

Here is shots of the whole plate, KandNail CK-02.

I circled the designs I used for this review. As you can see, they are the smallest from the plate.

I also stamped all the designs on a paper to see if all of them transfer well. And yes, they do! I added a Konad pattern so that you can compare the size of the patterns.

Final verdict: This plate holds 42 patterns. I am really pleased and happy with it because the patterns transfer well onto the nails, even the small details. All the patterns work pretty well. The variety of the design is interesting and I really love the "shards" one. You have to be aware that the designs are quite small and with most of them, you will have to stamp twice. The 3 first rows of pattern are nevertheless a bit larger and can just fit one nail if your  nails are not too large and long. I didn't feature here one of those larger patterns, but they are a little bigger than the "tiger" design I used here for my first example so they should just just fit one nail.

Purchase info
KandNail image plates can be purchased from Born Pretty Store. Plate number CK-02 can be found here. Each 42 pattern image plate costs $8.53. You can find a lot of different nail art items at Born Pretty and also polishes you can use for stamping. Shipping is free worldwide!!

You can also use my 5% off coupon code if you want to purcahse something from Born Pretty. The code is AB5X31. I also added this coupon code to my side bar (...which is at the bottom of my website)! Thanks for reading!


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