Mega indie haul and more!

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I won't talk too much because I have a ton  of pictures to show you! This is what I received during the month of April!

I'll start with the indie brands! So let Nerd Lacquer takes the stage!

l-r: Nerd Lacquer polishes: Holy Grail, All of Time and Space.

l-r: Nerd Lacquer polishes: Cyance Friction, Don't Blink.

You must certainly know Stef's blog (Stefels.), if you don't just run over there because she always has amazing swatches. I also got the idea of mega close-up shots while looking at her blog. So I credit her for this idea ;)

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail.

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail.

Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space.

Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction.

Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink. Sorry for the "green" hex, they are only due to my camera which is green and reflects onto the silver glitters.

Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink.

I previously reviewed two Candeo polishes and I loved them so much I add to pass an order to get more of them! You can see my post about Orchid and Sprouse, the two Candeo polishes I already swatched, if you click on their respecitve name. For this order, I decided to order mini to be able to try more of them!

Candeo South St., Old City.

Candeo Plumage, Dive Bomb.

Candeo Jelly Bean, Dolce.

Candeo South St.

Candeo Old City.

Candeo Plumage.

Candeo Dive Bomb.

Candeo Jelly Bean.

Candeo Dolce.

And while I'm at it, I also add the close-up shots of Orchid and Sprouse.

Candeo Orchid.

Candeo Sprouse. Sorry for the "green" hex, they are only due to my camera which is green and reflects onto the silver glitters.

I was the super luky winner of the secret giveaway that Alaina held on her blog, The Brrrds Nest. This giveaway was hidden in her post, just to see if you were  actually reading the post till the end. The prize was 4 colors from the China Glaze Electropop collection! But Alaina was the sweetest because she added a lot of other goodies, like China Glaze Electric Beat, 2 Sally Hansen from the Gem Crush collection, 08 Glitz Gal and 03 Big Money, 1 lip balm and a lot of samples. Everything was packed in a cute little box. Thank you so much, Alaina!!

l-r: China Glaze Gothic Lolita, Electric Beat, Aquadelic, Kinetic Candy, Fuchsia Fanatic.

Some many goodies~

l-r: China Glaze Electric Beat, Gothic Lolita, Fuchsia Fanatic.

l-r: China Glaze Aquadelic, Kinetic Candy.

l-r: Sally Hansen 08 Glitz Gal, 03 Big Money.

And finally, I spotted the new OPI New York City Ballet collection at my local beauty supply called Douglas. So I had to grab this mini set because with all the glitters I got, I want to do some sandwich manicures! I took the mini set because here OPI is quite expensive but I'm pretty sure I'll end up with buying some of them in full size!lol

l-r: My Pointe Exactly, Don't Touch My Tutu!, Care to Danse?, Pirouette My Whistle.

Oh my! It was a huge post. I hope you enjoyed it and see you soon for more swatches!

Purchase info
  • Candeo polishes can be purchased from CandeoColors etsy store. You can follow CandeoColors on Facebook
  • For China Glaze, you can look at my "where I shop" tab to find online stores that sell them.
  • OPI polishes can be purchased at professional nail salons. For Switzerland, you can search for licensed retailers here.

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