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I have a gorgeous nail polish related item to show you today. They are polish earrings! I think it's so sophisticated ans smart to wear coordinate nail polish and earrings, isn't it?  

I received these pretty earrings from Star Trinkets. She has recently opened an etsy shop and sells different sorts of nail polish jewellery and also her own line of polishes.
What I like about it is that you can custom your earrings, keychains, bobby pins, pendants and so on with your favorite polish.
I chose dangling earrings with cute flower charms and Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings for the polish.

aww...I just love them so much!! I also have Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings and I cannot wait to wear them together!
The earrings are of very good quality. They came in a small velvet purse, were stuck on a earring support, and very well wrapped to avoid any damage during shipping. The shop is located in Singapore by the way. These earrings cost  USD 13.50 a pair.

International shipping is charged at USD 2 for the first item, and USD 0.50 for each subsequent item. Shipping within Singapore is free.

I also want to leave some words about Susan, the lovely and nice woman behind Star Trinkets.

First, a bit about me and nail polish. Before March 2011, I used nail polish on an irregular basis. Sometime in March 2011, I suddenly develop a huge passion for it. I've shared on my blog that a huge reason for that was increased work stress and I needed a distraction. Somehow, nail polish fulfilled that need.
Anyway, that interest and passion grew so quickly that I decided to start my own blog around July 2011. My nail polish blog, The Subtle Shimmer, is a small and humble one, but the best part of it has been getting to know lots of great people through it! Sometime in late 2011, I came across nail polish jewellery and accessories, and my interest got piqued right away! It called to the crafter and polish lover in me! That happened at a time when I was contemplating a break from my job (I was a schoolteacher for ten years! I taught older teens, about the equivalent of high school.).

That's when I decided I would take that hiatus and give entrepreneurship a go by making and selling jewellery and other accessories made with nail polish. While that's not likely to be as financially viable as teaching is, at least in the short run, I want to pursue this dream and passion, and see where it takes me.

My Jewllery & Accessories 
I do notice more people making nail polish rings and earstuds for sale recently. As such, I decided to do something a little different by making bracelets and dangling earrings as well. These have more of a design element than using only ready-made settings. I do have the latter settings as well because they are beautiful too.

Currently, I have a rather wide range of settings. Other than the earrings, bracelets, rings, and earstuds mentioned, I also have pendants and chains, bobby pins, keychains, cufflinks, and a bag/purse hanger.

I use a water-resistant coating to protect the nail polish. There are some sellers who only use a top coat, but it's my personal belief that is insufficient protection. I then use a waterproof glue to attach the glass cabochon (bead / marble) to the setting. I let the pieces set and cure for at least two days before I send them to customers.

About Star Trinkets 
I wanted to distinguish between my nail polish blog and my creations / business, so I came up with a new name. I decided on Star Trinkets as I'm intrigued by the stars, both for their beauty and the secrets they seem to hold. "Trinkets" is an apt term for the little things I make, and which I intend to make in future. In addition, the intials ST are the same as my own initials (Susan Toh).

My Online Prsence
I do customised pieces. Customers can browse the available settings and nail lacquers on my blog.

They can order via email and I will send them a Paypal invoice once they've confirmed their orders. I do need customers to make payment before I start work on their orders. All listed prices are final prices, and customers do not need to worry if there'll be additional Paypal fees.

I've also just started an Etsy store, where I'll be selling ready-made pieces. It is also possible to request for customised pieces via my Etsy store, as well as purchase and pay through Etsy.

I ship internationally via airmail. I ship from Singapore and I do charge shipping separately, as stated earlier.

Further information

- Etsy: : where you can purchase these pretties earrings.
- Twitter: @startrinkets

 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*

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