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This will be a post to show you some products I bought from Catrice Coolibri collection. This collection is a limited edition collection and is available in stores in June-July 2012.

To see all the items of this collection, you can see the PR information here.

As I told you, I was very interested in the blue lip gloss because I don't have anything similar and thought it could be pretty for summer. So let's start with the lip gloss called Birds Flying High.

Coolibri by CATRICE – Nectar Gloss
Sweet blossoms are the ultimate temptation for coolibris – preferably in wonderfully fresh and summery colors. With its light, semi-transparent texture and subtle lip color, the Nectar Gloss provides a popular wet-gloss finish and leaves your lips feeling irresistibly soft. Available in C01 Birds Flying High, C02 Feathery Pink, C03 Gorgeous Blossom and C04 Exotica.

As you can see on the above picture, it does leave a slightly blue tint to your lips/skin. The blue is not too loud but still, you can see you have some very very sheer blue on your lips. If you blend it well, it's not so obvious. It's very glossy and gives your lips a wet look. I think it can be a nice alternative to red or pink lip glosses, especially for summer. I was happy to try it but I'm not sure it really suits me. I'd prefer the orange or pink lip gloss from this collection, I think. The slightly blue tint it leaves looks a bit strange on me.
Also one of the reasons I wanted to try it is because normally when you have some blue in your lip products, it makes you teeth look whiter. So perhaps I will ty to mix it with a pink gloss to keep this "whitening" effect.
Oh, I had a problem with the applicator. There was no brush but a small part of plastic instead, something really hard and impossible to use. So I brought it back to the shop and was able to get a new one with a normal applicator. The brush is quite small but it works nicely. So if you intend puchasing one of the lip glosses, check how the applicator is before buying it!

Next is the lip balm!
Coolibri by CATRICE – Colour Refreshing Lip Balm
Fresh’em up! Silky-soft lips are an absolute must for perfect summery lipgloss and lipstick styles. That’s why you should generously apply the creamy, long-lasting Colour Refreshing Balm to pamper them! The highlight: this balm reacts to the pH level of your lips to unfold its natural, subtle red color. The light tint gives your lips a soft, fresh look – at all times.

According to Catrice's description (color changing according to the pH of your lips) and style of the packaging, it immediately reminds me of Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm. Both share the same function and similarities but are not total dupes.

The Catrice lip balm is heaviliy vanilla scented while the Dior one is more neutral. Dior packaging is more luxury with its large pink cap. Application is also a little more comfortable with the Dior balm since it's creamier but the Catrice one also does a good job. They both leave a sheer, rosy tint to your lips. I personnally like it a lot because I usually don't wear heavy make up. So such lip balms are my perfect everyday lip products. Their mosturizing effect doesn't last very long but for me, it works. Dior lip balm has a SPF10 but nothing is mentioned for the Catrice one so I guess it doesn't have any sun protection. Catrice balm is less expensive.

Finally, the polishes!

The green is called Virgin Forest and is a gorgeous shimmery green forest. I thought it might be similar to Zoya Holly but it's cooler. The yellow one is Twist of Lemon and is a lovely sparkly yellow. I bought them for a swap I did with Rachel from Polished Criminails in exchange of some Illamsaqua nail polishes so I won't be able to show you any nail swatches. The day after I bought these 2 polishes, I wanted to take the orange (Exotica) for myself but it was already sold out....So if you're interesting in these polishes, don't wait too long or you'll miss them.

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