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I hope you're all feeling well today! Summer is coming its way here and it makes me feel wearing holo polishes again!
Do you know Rivka holo polishes? Rivka is a Brazilian brand. Yes, Brazilian polishes offer a lot of gorgeous holographic shades!
Today I'll show you Jenny from Rivka VIP collecion, which is a charcoal grey holo!

All pictures are taken under artificial light without flash.

Final verdict: What a pretty polish! It's a charcoal grey hologrpahic polish with a different type of holo effect than the holo I have. I mean the rainbow effect is a bit different from the China Glaze OMG, Glitter Gal, Ozotic or Hits holo. In the bottle, it looked a bit dull honestly but once it was on my nails, it really came alive! It's well pigmented and I used here 2 coats with top coat. Application was nice, no balding and such things.
Sarah from Rainbow Obsession did a great comparison post about holo polishes, where you can see a comparison between Jenny (Rivka) and Zeus (Hits). So go and have a look!

Purchase info
Rivka polishes can be purchased from Ninja Polish for $10. The Rivka VIP collection is a limited edition and once they are gone from the website, there won't be new stock available.

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