Gitly Bits - Arctic Sunrise

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I didn't post much last week because I am trying to find a better light bulb to take more color accurate pictures. I still have to try a few settings and perhaps buy a second bulb so during that time, bear it with me, please. Thank you.

Today I'll show a gorgeous polish form the awesome brand Girly Bits. It's Arctic Sunrise from the recent Slapdash Collection for Summer 2012.

Final verdict: When I opened my package and saw this baby, I wowed because the shimmer in it was so strong! I couldn't belive my eyes and kept playing with the bottle. Belive me, the pink-purple shimmer is stronger than what you can see on my pictures. It's really lovely. Moreover, it's packed with gorgeous littles flecks and the base is a soft yet vibrant (I know that sounds impossible but it is how this polish looks like!) baby blue. The shimmer and flecks give a great 3D effect and make this polish a total winner! Seriously, I love it and I'm really impressed by Pam's talent! *taking off my hat to her*. The first coat was quite sheer but eventually it got opaque with only 2 coats. Formula was really nice and easy to work with!

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Girly Bits can be purchased directly from Girly Bits, from Llarowe, or Harlow & Co. You can follow Girly Bits, Llarowe and Harlow & Co on Facebook.

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