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I have some items from the new essence Colour Arts collection to show you! I bought 2 pigment jars, the nail polish base and 2 mixing jars.

So the 2 pigment jars I got are "12 Miss Piggy's Lollipop", a bright iridescent pink and "04 Broadway Starlet", a mix of blue, silver, red, and green glitters.

Instructions written on the clear nail polish are the following:
  • Nail polish-base especially for the application of pigments.
  • Effect 1: distribute some pigments on paper, collect them with the brush of the nail-base & varnish the nails
  • Effect 2: directly dab pigments on the natural nail & seal them with the nail-base.
  • Clean the brush with a cloth.
I tried the first method. I put some pigments in the mixing jar and then picked the pigments with the brush of the special polish. The mixing jar is not necessary. You can put the pigments on a paper or plastic sheet. It's even easier that way.

Before dipping the brush into the clear polish, I always wipped it on a paper to avoid putting some pigments in the clear polish.

And here is the result!

Pigment: Miss Piggy's Lollipop.

For this manicure, I applied "3 coats" (I reapplied 3x) of pigments (Miss Piggy's Lollipop). I think the result is rather cool, especially if you want to match your eyeshadow with your nail polish! Miss Piggy's Lollipop is a frosty pink with a flash of blue in it.

I tried the same with the 2nd pigment! I also applied it on bare nails.

Pigment: Broadway Starlet.

Broadway Starlet kinda reminds me of OPI Mad As A Hatter. I don't have Mad As A Hatter so I cannot do the comparison. I don't think they are dupe but quite close, at least close enough to make me happy!

The clear nail polish from this collection seems a little thicker than regular polish but I believe you could do the same with a normal top coat and any other pigments :D

I tried to see if the nail polish base could act as a suspension base. So I put some glitter pigments in it and here is what I obtained.

So yeap, it doesn't work as a supsension base and that's probably why essence recommends to pick the pigments with the nail-base brush and not to mix the polish and pigments together.

Of course, you can mix different pigments to get personal mixes and colors! So I think it's a fun collection! What do you think?


Purchase info:Essence products are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria , Spain or Switzerland, you can search for a store that sells Essence here.
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