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essence stands for trendy, cool and high quality cosmetics products at a sensational low price!

This fall season, lots of fabulous products are joining the essence range as of September 2012. These must-haves are guaranteed to awaken your desire for new looks and eye-catching effects!

Intensively bright colors and subtle neutral shades, soft mattifying make-up and shimmering textures, airy and light formulas and pampering ingredients – the unique (trend) products by essence never fail to surprise and skillfuly emphasize your eyes, lips, face and nails. 

I will mainly focuss on nail proucts in this post. If you want to see eye, lips, and face products esssence will launch this september, you can see my previous post here that show some products and also essence website here that have all the new products!

  • New Color& Go polishes. I've already shown them here.
  • essence colour arts collection which consists of 20 pigments, an eye, lip, and nail base. You can find all the information about these products here. I tried 2 different pigments on my nails last week. Pictures should come soon :D
  • A lot of new nail art products that I will detail more in this post!

essence nail art

As of September 2012, essence is heading into the fall/winter season with lots of innovative, unique and surprising products for the coolest nail styles! Everything is allowed and there are no limits to your creativity – never before have the designs been this exciting, the possibilities so diverse and the effects so strong! As always, the essence range offers the latest trends in terms of style.
All you have to do is select what you need and try it all out!
Let’s get the nail style party started!

essence colour and change magic effect nail polish & designer NEW
Do it yourself! In conjunction with the specially developed designer, it’s really easy to create small masterpieces on your nails with the four highly-pigmented nail polishes. And it really is magical: simply apply the nail polish and leave to dry. Next, use the designer to create your own designs, for example, dots, stripes, French tips, etc. In just a few seconds, the images will appear on your nails as if by magic! One designer and four colors.

essence peel off base coat NEW
On and off!! Not a problem with the peel off base coat. After application, the milky-white texture becomes transparent and provides the perfect basis for your nail polish. To remove your polish, simply peel off. Apply the peel off base coat again and paint your nails in the next color. You can now change colors and effects quickly and easily – without the need for nail polish remover and without damaging your nails.

essence realeased such a product as part of a limited edition some weeks ago (Ready For Boarding TE). You can read my review about this amazing product here!! It's a must have to remove glitter polish in my opinion and I'm so happy it's now part of the permanent range! thank you so much, essence!

essence duo stylist NEW
The 2in1 must-have in terms of nail art: the DUO stylist! Everything is possible with the two tips: the thin end makes it really easy to apply tiny rhinestones on your nails, stick on nail decorations or create French nail tips. With the larger, thicker tip, you can dot, dot, dot! Various dotting-techniques are just waiting to be tried out!

essence creat your own ring NEW
Totally individual and unique – essence create your own ring!
1, 2, 3 and you’re done: your very own trendy ring, creatively decorated with your favorite nail polish color and sparkling rhinestones or stickers. These transparent rings provide the basis and can be decorated in the same fabulous designs as your nails!

That sounds really cool! I'm curious about it. I wonder how the polish will hold on the ring...and I just hope the rings can fit my fingers :D

essence nail art glowing in the dark topper NEW
Clubbing in the dark! Thanks to the glowing in the dark topper, every dancing queen is sure to stand out with bright nails, even in the dark of the night! During the day, your nails will look super-glossy and at night under black light, they turn into ultimate eye-catchers. There’s just one thing to do: club & glow!

I'm not sure if it's a "true" glow in the dark top coat. I think it only glows under black light. But still, I'm quite interested in testing it!

essence nail art special effect topper
Surprising, unexpected and totally hip: the special effect toppers always have a surprise in store for you! Each of the nine versions provide their own unique, extraordinary finish. Bronze, multi-colored, glittering silver, holographic, with a white prism effect or purple – these polishes are sure to attract attention with an extravagant appearance wherever you go! Available in two new and a total of nine colors.

In the picture above are the 2 new shades. The other shades are:

essence nail art cracking top coat
They are so cool, oh so stylish and simply belong in the collections of all true nail fashionistas: cracking top coats! Now also available with a 3D-effect! Here's how to achieve the unique cracking look: simply apply on top of a color nail polish and watch as the polish "cracks" open within seconds. Spectacular! Available in a total of five colors.
The new color is called crack me! pearly pink and the older remaining colors are: crack me! black, crack me! silver, crack me! steel blue. 
essence nail art magnetics nail polish
Magnetic pigments that react to the nail art magnet and ensure exciting patterns with a real wow-effect! Whether you go for stripes or stars & co. – extravagant nail style is guaranteed! Now available in one new metallic trend color and a total of five shades.

magic red carpet
The whole magnetic collection is made of the colors below.

essence french glam nail sticker
Glam it French! The new nail stickers create a cool look with their trendy images and ensure absolutely eye-catching nails! Available in a total of two designs.

essence studio nails better than gel nails, nail fashion stickers, nail care

Pampered and stylish nails without the cost and effort of visiting a nail salon? The dream goes on… Now there are even more great products for your nails: in addition to exciting products with an anti-yellow formula, essence has new products to offer everything you need in terms of professional nail and cuticle care. For gorgeous nails and excellent nail style in an instant. Just try it!

essence studio nails pro white gloss NEW
Naturally white and beautiful! Not a problem with the fast-drying pro white gloss and its special anti-yellow formula. The nail polish not only ensures naturally white nails, but also offers a radiant shine and long-lasting gel-finish thanks to its unique texture.

essence studio nails pro white rosé NEW
Elegant, quick and totally easy: the French manicure look. With the fast-drying nail whitener and integrated anti-yellow formula, creating a perfect French manicure is as easy as child’s play.

essence studio nails pro white effect NEW 
Radiant, white nails with a natural look – the fast-drying nail polish with a special anti-yellow formula lightens natural nails as well as artificial nails to give them a gorgeous and long-lasting shine.

essence better than gel nails top sealer high gloss NEW
Final step: top sealer high gloss! The ultimate sealer for perfect nails with a gel-look. The innovation: the special studio-formula seals the layers of nail polish and provides a high-shine gel finish.

essence better than gel nails 3in1 remover NEW
Get it all off quickly with the 3in1! The improved studio-formula removes French nail tips and nail glue from your nails in a flash. The remover has been specially developed for the products in the better than gel nails range. This way, they can easily be removed in just one step!

essence studio nails 2way profi file NEW
Soft, softer, 2way profi file! The two-tone nail file with two different grainings is ideal for soft and brittle nails and gets them back into shape in a flash. Thanks to the fine surface, you can gently shorten and shape your natural nails. Washable.

essence studio nails banana file NEW

Two sides, two colors, two grainings – this pink and black nail file is not just a visual highlight for pampered nails! Thanks to its ergonomic design, it ensures a perfectly rounded nail shape. The two-step system with medium graining is ideal for the smooth shortening and shaping of natural as well as artificial nails. Durable, washable and absolutely essential!

Purchase info:Essence nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria , Spain or Switzerland, you can search for a store that sells Essence polishes here.
You can like and follow essence on Facebook.

And here is a summary video of the new products :D

And now I think I've finished posting about new collections and products and I'll go on with more swatches :D

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