Sunday Nail Battle: Fishtail braid nails

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I've got a very easy nail art design to show you today. I guess you've all heard about "fishtail braid nails" now because they are very popular at the moment. I saw a gorgeous manicure Lucy did a few days ago and since then, I've been wanting to try it!

I did this manicure as part of the Sunday Nail Battle, which is organised by Odile from Odile Sacoche, and Andreia from 10tubes, with also the participation of Pshiiit.

I think the design is very pretty and it seemed easy enough for me to try. I found two different ways to achieve this look. With the 1st one, you paint directly the stripes on your nails while with the second technique, you first paint some stripes on a scotch tape and then apply these scotch stripes onto your nails.

I tried the 1st technique (using this tutorial) but miserably failed at it. I didn't like the fact that the final result got quite thick and that I couldn't paint very straight lines. So I took inspiration from the second technique (tutorial HERE) but did it slightly differently.

This picture was taken before top coat. When you apply top coat, it smooths the lines out.

The colors I used for this fishtail braid manicure are all Essie colors: Bikini So Teeny, Mint Candy Apple, and No Place Like Chrome. I first painted all my nails with Bikini So Teeny. I used 2 coats.

Then I painted some squares on a plastic sheet with the 3 different colors, like in the picture below. I let everything dry for one day. Then, I peeled off the squares from the plastic sheet and I cut some stripes with scissors (like the mint stripe you can see on the picture below). To have the same width for all your stripes, you can cut only one long stripe for each color and then divide this stripe into smaller parts.
Here the squares I did are really large. You won't need as much for just an accent nail.

Finally, I added the stripes on my nail to creat a braid pattern.

How do you like it? Have you already tried such design?
I personnally love braided nails as an accent! I will try it tonight again but with different colors :D

You can see the participations of all the girls in the comment section of Odile, 10 tubes, and Pshiiit.

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