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Today I've got my very first Yves Saint Laurent polish to show you. I found it in a sale basket in a Sun Store (a drugstore in Switzerland) and couldn't resist to try it so I picked it up! By the way, I've noticed there are always some items on sale in Sun Store so it's worth having a look :D
This polish is called 17 Diamant Rose. It's not one of the new Yves Saint Laurent collection, which includes 30 new shades and that looks quite amazing btw, it's an older one.

Let's go directely to the swatches!
I took these pictures some weeks ago when I was searching for which light bulbs I wanted to use and when I was playing with different settings. So they are not the best swatches, sorry, but I think you can still see how this polish looks like!

0.33 fl. oz. / 10 mL bottle.

Final verdict: Diamant Rose is a sheer pink polish packed with a lot of tiny silver glitters. On these pictures, I am wearing 3 coats and you can still see some VNL (visible nail line). I personally don't mind VNL and I think this polish gives a clean and fresh look to the nails. I also love the sparkly touch with the silver glitters and think the quantity of glitters is well balanced. Application was really easy, the polish was not streaky, and the formula was really nice. I guess it would also be a nice polish to do sandwich manicures and I will try that soon!

Purchase info
Yves Saint Laurent polishes can be purchased from your local YSL counter, in some pharmacies and beauty supplies.

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