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essence trend edition "class of 2013"
Back to cool! Good girls are neat, obedient and totally hip again – with the new trend edition "class of 2013", essence is celebrating the comeback of the college look in October 2012. Casual oversized jackets in two tones, checked patterns and must-have accessories such as ties and hats set the tone for the popular "boyish" look. This autumn, the make-up trend is on classic colors like blue and burgundy as well as grey and rosé shades. In addition to super cool products, this trend edition offers a real highlight with a cosmetics bag that looks like a typical school bag! Now you can easily store your favorite products and take them along when you’re out and about. Let’s go to college and be part of the "class of 2013"!

essence class of 2013 – eyeshadow pen
School’s chic! Set beautiful accents on your eyelids with the eyeshadow pen. Cool blue, soft beige and trendy grey with a light shimmering finish are ideal for your college look. Totally practical: it can be used as eyeshadow and as eyeliner! Available in 01 want to be my freshman?, 02 school’s out forever and 03 blues of being cool.

essence class of 2013 – lip tint
College girls take note! The lip tint sets fresh accents in classic red and soft pink. It is super long-lasting and extremely smudge-proof, so gorgeous lips are guaranteed! Available in 01 alpha better gamma and 02 ready for rush week?


essence class of 2013 – translucent powder
Campus beauty! The silky texture of the transparent powder is suitable for all skin types and offers a matt complexion all day long! Available in 01 sheerleader.

essence class of 2013 – blush
Cheerleader style – this blush conjures-up rosy cheeks in a flash! The soft powder blush feels lovely and smooth on your skin and gives you a fresh look. Comes in a trendy checked design. Available in 01 alpha better gamma.
essence class of 2013 – nail polish
A slightly different type of school uniform… trend-conscious college girls are sure to reach for the four long-lasting nail polish colors with fantastic coverage in this trend edition. Cool blue, warm grey, intense burgundy and soft pink are true eye-catchers guaranteed to make the nerds turn green with envy! Available in 01 blues of being cool, 02 school’s out forever, 03 ready for rush week? and 04 alpha better gamma.

essence class of 2013 – top coat
a² + b² = perfect nails! This top coat can be used on top of any nail polish to give your nail design a cool metallic finish with its sparkling glitter pigments. Available in 01 college hero.

essence class of 2013 – hair ties
Back to (sch)cool! The elastic hair ties in two stylish colors have a cute little bow for true preppy style! Available in 01 campus fellows.

essence class of 2013 – cosmetic bag
Smart and proper! The practical cosmetics bag looks like a preppy school bag and offers optimal space for all your favorite make-up so you’re ensured perfect style to go! Available in 01 old-school bag.


essence "class of 2013" will be available in stores in October 2012.

New: essence "fragrance sets" to love!
The perfect gift with essence… it’s just a spray away! We’ve got a special fragrance highlight in store for you just in time for Christmas: from October until December 2012, essence presents three of the six unique fragrances as an exclusive gift set. For your best friend, your little sister or your cool mom – depending on the mood, these fruity, floral and oriental fragrance compositions conjure-up happy moments, secret desires and beautiful memories. True to the motto "Choose your mood! It’s just a spray away!"
The perfect gift – at the usual low price expected of essence. These Eau de Toilettes were developed in collaboration with internationally renowned perfumers and are presented in a fresh, cool design in flacons made of the finest materials with bright and cheerful little ribbons. The limited trendy gift box contains the 50ml standard size as well as the 10ml mini size for your purse.
essence fragrance set – like a girl’s night out
The feeling is back: last night with the girls – we danced all night, laughed a lot and had plenty of fun. This fruity, exciting and sparkling fragrance is as crazy as a girl’s night out. The ultimate Christmas gift for your best friend – a fragrance set with a 50ml standard size and a 10ml "on-the-go" size.
essence fragrance set – like a day in a candy shop
This floral, fresh and at the same time sensual fragrance is for those who dream of spending a day in a candy shop. Sweet, sensuous, wonderful – this fragrance is ideal for Christmas time! Fragrance set with a 50ml standard size and a 10ml "on-the-go" size.
 essence fragrance set - like a trip to New York
As exciting and upbeat as a short trip with your best friend. Soho, Times Square, 5th Avenue. The big apple is expecting us! Cheerful, fruity and urban, this fragrance gift set ensures a great mood at Christmas and reminds us of happy days in the most exciting city in the world! Fragrance set with a 50ml standard size and a 10ml "on-the-go" size.
essence "fragrance sets" will be available in stores from October to December 2012.

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