Lancôme Bleu de Flore

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This year Lancôme launched a new set of gorgeous lacquers called "Vernis in Love" with matching lipsticks, which are part of the "Rouge in Love" collection. The different shades of "Vernis in Love" are divided into 3:
  • Jolis Matins: fresh shades for daytime wear.
  • Boudoir Time: pop shades for cocktail hour.
  • Tonight is My Night: intense shades for magical nights.
To celebrate the launch of the Rouge in Love and Vernis in Love collection, Lancôme Switzerland organized a constest and I was lucky to be one the winners. I'd love to thank Lancôme and all the people who voted for me! thank you so much!
I received 2 polishes (Bleu de Flore and Aquamarine) and a lipstick (Rose des soupirants).
So here is Bleu de Flore (573B) by Lancôme.

Final verdict: Bleu de Flore is a gorgeous dark blue creme but in certain lightening, it looks much more teal. It's a very classic and sophisticated shade. I must confess I've never been a huge fan of dark polishes but I totally changed my mind with this polish! I'm not exagerating, it's what I sincerely feel! So you'll probably see more dark polishes on my blog this fall ;D and I am pretty sure I will wear this polish a lot! Application of Bleu de Flore was very nice. The brush is wide, rounded, and flat and makes it easy to apply even coats of polish. I used 2 coats here.
I am looking forward to trying Aquamarine and to showing it to you!
Here is a picture of the prizes I got! A big thanks to Lancôme!
Nail polishes: Aquamarine  (501B), Bleu de Flore (573B). Lipstick: Rose des Soupirants (351B).
By the way, the lipstick is just amazing. It's probably my favorite lipstick ever. I especially love the formula. When I have it on my lips, I don't have the impression I am wearing any lipstick at all. It feels soft and it "blends with your lips" to give a really natural feeling. And it doesn't dry your lips out. So it's a very nice product. I will probably get another color from this range. I will see if I do a full review of this product in the future ;D
Purchase info
Lancôme products can be purchased from your regular Lancôme counter. You can follow Lancôme Switzerland on Facebook.

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