Shimmer polish (Part 1)

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As promised here are my swatches of the gorgeous glitter polishes from the indie brand, Shimer Polish.
I wanted to show you the polishes under different angles so there are a lot of pictures! They are all super shimmery and packed with a lot of glitters! I used only 1 coat of glitter over a base color. If you want more opacity, you will need three coats to get full opactiy.

I don't know why, but the vertical pictures always come a bit blurry when I upload them. Click on them to see them clearer, please.

The first one is called Adrienne. It's made of royal blue, gold, and silver glitters. I could also see some red glitters. I layered it over Lancôme Bleu de Flore.

Second one is Erica and it's described as a crystal peridot color. It's a mix of different kinds of green and gold. The larger hexagonal glitters are holographic. I layered it over Catrice Wonderland Green Card.

Lorene is a mix of raspberry glitters in a sheer fuchsia base. There are also blue and copper glitters. I layered it over Pupa Strawberry.

Next is Mary. It's a mix of red, silver, and black glitters! The silver glitters are holographic and there are two types of them. Some of them reflect all the colors of the rainbow, while some reflect a purplish blue. The base is slightly red tinted. I layered it over OPI Danke Shiny Red.

Rochelle is a mix of red and gold glitters. I layered it over China Glaze Riveting. By the way, Riveting is gorgeous! I won it in a giveaway held by the lovely Mich from the Polish Well. Thank you again, Mich!

And the last one is Trisha, which is made of orange, gold, blue, and other orange glitters that shift to purple! I have never seen such glitters. They are very interesting! All these glitters are suspended in a clear base. I layered it over Zoya Lana.

There were so many pictures in this post that it deserves a little summary, I guess.

The formula of the polishes were great. They are packed with so many glitters that you can get full opacity at 3 coats. The glitters are easy to apply. They kind of remind me of the Burlesque glitters from OPI except they are more complex because you have different sizes of glitters in them.
It's difficult to chose a favorite from them because I love them all. Adrienne is just super gorgeous over this dark navy blue. The gold glitters in it look perfect in the mix. I also wowed when I applied Erica because it's super shimmery and the green colors look stunning together! I also love the bigger black hex in Mary and the cool blue-purple holographic glitters. They are very unique. And Rochelle and Trisha are firecly beautiful!

If you like glitters but are afraid of removing them, you can use essence peel off base coat to remove them super easily. See my post here. In this post, I used the peel off base coat, which is part of a limited edition but now this base coat is part of the regular essence range. Some people use PVA glue instead, but I didn't do any research myself to check if it's safe....You can see an example here.
I've also heard Glitter Food from the indie brand Nail Pattern Boldness is an amazing top coat to smooth glitters. I haven't tried it yet but it's on its way to me.
Purchase info
Shimmer polishes can be purchased from Shimmer Polish shop. Each polish costs $12. You can also ask for customized polishes, which are $15. You can follow Shimmer Polish on Facebook.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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