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I have another fun way to create a splatter manicure to share with you. Instead of using a straw and blow inside it to splatter polish onto your nails (see here), you can use a sample perfume bottle to spray the polish onto your nails!
I have to give credits to the Manicurator for the idea of the sprayer. Go and have a look at what she achieved because it's gorgeous! And the idea of using a mini perfume bottle goes to Claudia from Nailing This!

This is my first attempt at a sprayed manicure and I was in a hurry so it's not perfect and I will have to try it again to achieve a better result but I was really excited to share this technique!!

I'll first show you the final result and then explain how I did it.
I started with one coat of Essie No Place Like Chrome and then sprayed a pink color (Claire's, no name).

Then I sprayed a second color, black (Fatal by essence). The middle finger doesn't look pretty but, as I said, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to redo it (although I should have!).

What do you think? Would you do something like that?

I personally had a lot of fun doing it and what is nice is that you don't use so much polish if you use a mini sample bottle perfume. And it's quite easy to do!
So here is the tuotorial!

You will need:
  • A base color (Essie No Place Like Chrome)
  • A second color to spray on your base color (Claire's, no name)
  • Some polish thinner
  • A sample perfume bottle (~5 mL)
  • And some scotch tape to protect your cuticles and skin while spraying.
Start by painting your nails with your base color. Wait until it's dry. Then, add some drops of pink polish in the sample perfume bottle. You can see on the picture below how much polish I used for 4 nails. I didn't put much in it because I was not sure if it will work. However, I would recommand putting more polish in the bottle because it's a bit annoying if you lack some polish while spraying.
Then I added about 5 drops of polish thinner. The more thinner you add, the easier it will be to have a uniform spray. The generated drops will also get smaller. Before spraying on your nails, try on a paper to see how the spray is. If the polish doesn't come out of the bottle nicely, add some thinner, and try again. When you're happy with the type of obtained spray, you can start spraying on your nails.
The amount of polish I used for 4 nails. To this amount, I added about 5 drops of polish thinner.
You can start again with another color. As the perfume bottle is tiny, it's easy to clean it up with acetone or ethanol.
And here you are!

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