A England: The Gothic Beauties

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Are you in a gothic mood? If that's the case, you'll love A England's new collections called "Gothic Beauties" and if you're not, I'm pretty sure you'll still love them because they are so beautiful you can't pass them up!
This collection is made of 5 beautiful dark and shimmery shades. Each polish draws its inspiration from famous characterers from the Brisith literature.

Lady of Shalott is the first polish from this collection I want to share with you because it's one of my favourites. It has a blackened base filled with royal blue shimmer that shift to purple in some angles but blue is the predominante color. And it's a bit difficult to actually see this shift in real life. From a distance, it doesn't look pure black because the shimmer is quite intense and easy to spot.
The royal blue shimmer pairs really well with the black base and it reminds me of a deep night, that kind of nights that are so deep you can't normally see any stars but here the magic plays and let you see some gorgeous celestial bodies!

Tess d’Urbervilles has a blackened base filled with emerald shimmer. The base is not a pure black hue but it's rather a very dark green. It doesn't look completely black even from a certain distance because the shimmer is quite strong and the base color is not completely black either.
This polish reminds me of a celtic forest (I don't know why "celtic" ;D ) because in some lights, additionnally to the green shimmer, you can also see a brown-orange shimmer. I will certainly wear it a lot and try to do some nail arts with it ;D

Next is Jane Eyre. Following the gothic theme, it's a blackened red base filled with a rust-like shimmer. That shimmer can also take some burgundy tones. Note that in low ligthening, it looks almost black but it comes to life when light comes to play with it.
It's also a very interesting polish because the shimmer can take different tones and the black/rust/burgundy combination is lovely!

Ophelia is a black base polish filled with purple shimmer. It's the darkest of the collection and in low lightening, it definitely looks black. However, in the sun or under artificial light, you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous purple shimmer of Ophelia. Although it almost looks black and I first tought it wouldn't be my favorite, once I had it on my nails, I couldn't stop looking at them. It's a very intriguing and fascinating polish and finally I think it's looks very classy and pretty!

And the last one is Dorian Gray. Dorian Gray is completely different from the 4 other polishes in this collection. It's a pewter hue filled with silver shimmer. The sides of the nails look a bit darker than the middle and this gives an amazing "glow-from-within" touch! It makes me think of an armor! It's also one of my favourites!

For the 5 polishes of this collection, I used 2 coats and application was very easy. The polishes glide on the nails in an even coat. Application with A England polishes is always amazing!
Purchase info:
A England polishes can be purchased from A England website. It is interesting to note that shipping is free worldwide! You can follow A England on Facebook.
A England polishes can be also purchased from different stockists, such as Llarowe, Pshiiit Boutique, Ninja Polish, or Overall Beauty.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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