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I am super excited to share some pictures of the new essence trend edition called "Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2"! I don't know if you're a Twilight fan but for me, I wasn't interested in this phenonemon until recently when I was searching for a book to read in the train and came across the first volum of the saga. I wasn't so into it at first but after reading some chapters, I really got interested and that's why I was really excited when I heard essence was launching a Twilight theme collection! At the moment I am reading the last book, I'm nearly at the end, and am looking forward to seeing the last movie!

I bought the 4 polishes from this collection plus the red lipgloss (Renesmee Red), which is fantastic by the way and I might get back to take the blush because it's matte and red and I'd like to use it as an eyeshadow to make a vampire look :D

Let's start with Jacob's Protection. It's a black base polish filled with tones of blue flecks. There are also some other colored flecks. It's a gorgeous polish but unfortunately application was a real pain because the polish is really, really thick. Normally, I don't mind thick polishes but here, it made the application really difficult. I nearly wanted to give up. I added 5 drops of thinner, but it  was still too thick. I will have to try to add more and perhaps I'll enjoy it more this way. Note that the brush is the wide brush similar to the new Catrice brushes and, with a polish with such a consistency, it didn't help in applying a nice and even coat. I used 2 coats.

Alice Had A Vision – Again is the purple sister of Jacob's Protection. The base is a deep and dark purple and it is filled with mainly purple flecks but also green and blue ones. The formula on this one was better, still a bit too thick but manageable. I used 2 coats here and wore it for one week without any chips! So its lasting power is great but its drying time was a bit longer than most polishes.

Edward’s Love is a black base polish filled with tons of silver flecks. Like for the other polishes, there are also some random flecks of different colors. The polish was also a bit too thick, similar to Alice Had A Vision - Again, but manageable. However, the brush was not even and a bit fluffy and it was thus a bit difficult to apply. I used 2 coats.

And the last one is A Piece Of Forever, a very warm and yellow gold. I have absolutely nothing similar in my stash and honestly I purchased it only because it was part of this collection. It's prone to show brush stokes but it's not so dramatic. Once it was on my nails, I was surprised at how much I loved it! The formula was the thinnest of the 4 polishes of this collection and was rather good. I used 2 coats. I didn'tr try it but I've heard from the Parokeets that it works for stamping! Once I have some free time, I'll try that :D

Final verdict: As I have already mentioned, the polishes look absolutely gorgeous! They fit the Twilight theme very much, they are dark, mysterious and beautiful. A Piece Of Forever is a bit different but it probably symbolizes the bright passion, all sparkly and pretty :D My favorite is Alice Had A Vision -Again! I absolutely love the purple base and all the gorgeous flecks in it. Jacob's Protection is also beautiful and would probably have been my favorite if its formula was better. I was a bit disapointed because of that espcially since normally essence polishes have good formula and are easy to work with.
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