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Do you remember me talking about the new Estée Lauder collection called "The Reds"? If you don't, you can have a look at the preview here. It's a collection made of 5 polishes in different tones of red: a bright red (Pure Red), a fire red (Le Smoking), a dark red (Fallen Angel), a fuchsia (Beautiful Liar), and  a pink (Love Bite).
I got 2 polishes from this collection: Love Bite and Pure Red and I'll be showing you Love Bite in this post.

0.3 FL. OZ. Liq. / 9 mL
Final verdict: Love Bite is a red creme with pink undertones. On the above pictures, I used 2 easy coats of polish. Application was smooth and comfortable thanks to the nice brush and awesome formula. It dries to a very shiny and glossy finish, which can almost make you think it's a jelly, but it's not, it's a creme with a very good pigmentation. I wore it last weekend and really enjoyed how nice and pretty it looked. Doesn't it remind you of a candy? it looks so yummy~

Purchase info:
Estée Lauder polishes can be purchased from autorized retailers for which you can find a list on Estée Lauder official website. For Switzerland, you can find them here.
You can also follow Estée Lauder on Facebook.
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*

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