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I have another awesome Estée Lauder polish to show you!

A few days ago, I shared some pictures of Love Bite, a gorgeous red-pink polish that is part of the new Estée Lauder collection, "The Reds". If you missed the post, you can find it HERE. As I previously told you, this new collection is made of 5 polishes with different tones of red. You can read the preview here.
Pure Red is the only one from this collection that is not a limited edition. It is also part of the regular Estée Lauder range.


Final verdict: Pure Red is a gorgeous red polishes. It's really a "pure" red hue, without any blue or pink in it. It's very bright, vibrant, and eye-catching. As soon as I entered my office on Monday, my colleague noticed my nails and said "wow, your nails look gorgeous!". This will probably looks a bit funny but I'm feeling full of power when I wear this polish. It's interesting how a nail polish can have such importance on a whole look. You look more elegant and feminine when you wear red polishes in my opinion! A polish can completely change your allure!
Similiarly to Love Bite, application was smooth and comfortable thanks to the nice brush and awesome formula. It also dries to a very shiny and glossy finish. The polish has a good pigmentation, it can be opaque in 1 coat. However here I used 2 coats.
It's the third Estée Lauder polish I try and I must say I really love their formula, quality, and range of colors! If you have never tried any Estée Lauder polishes, I suggest you have a closer look at them because they are really wonderful!
Purchase info:
Estée Lauder polishes can be purchased from autorized retailers for which you can find a list on Estée Lauder official website. For Switzerland, you can find them here.
You can also follow Estée Lauder on Facebook.
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