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I've been lost in admiration for the following polish for quite a long time before getting it. I blame my fellows Becky from A Polish Addict and Claudia from Holographic Hussy for making me want this polish that bad!
This polish is.... Estée Lauder Smashed! It's my very first Estée Lauder polish. I must admit I've never really stopped before Estée Lauder counter before and I was so wrong. From now on, I'll get more interested in the brand!
Estée Lauder recently launched quite a lot of new polishes created by Tom Pecheux: a collection called "Beyond Black", which contains 5 dark and shimmery polishes, called Caviar, Bête Noire, Blue Blood, Black Plum & Viper, and a second collection called "Metal Mania" with again 5 shades, which are Nouveau Riche, Explosif, Chaos, Smashed & Fiery Hot.
Let's go to the swatches of Smashed!

The bottle contains 9 mL / .3 FL.OZ. of polish.
Final verdict: I am very impressed by this polish. It's just gorgeous. It looks very classy and sophisticated. It looks great for any occasion and with any outfit. Smashed has a dark plum base that is packed with lots of purple and blue shimmer. It's a really gorgeous polish for fall!
I used 2 easy coats for these swatches. The bottle is very impressive. The polish seems to be like imprisoned in a glass cube. The bottle was a bit difficult to hold because I'm not used to such bottles but it was not a problem for application. The brush is flat and a little less wide than OPI brushes. I wish it would be a tad wider but it's ok. Apart from that, I am excessively happy with this polish!
Purchase info:
Estée Lauder can be purchased from your regular Estée Lauder counter. You can have a look at the different polishes I talked about in the introduction of this post on Estée Lauder website.  You can also purchase from this website if you are from the US or Canada.
You can also follow Estée Lauder on Facebook. For Switzerland, the Facebook page is here.

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