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I have some polishes from the new Purple Professional Winter Collection to share with you. I already showed you some Purple Professional polishes HERE and told you how impressed I was at their quality and ease of application. That's why I'm thrilled to show you some polishes from their new collection!

First one is number 45! It's a light taupe polish, lighter that OPI Berlin There Done That for example. Here I used 2 coats without top coat! Awww I love this color and it's officially my favorite taupe now, not too dark, just how I like taupe!
2 coats of Purple Cosmetics # 45 without top coat.

I actually wore this baby for 3-4 days and before removing it, I did a small deco on it. I've seen so gorgeous nail arts on Tenshi No Hana blog, where she used the "one stroke" technique, I had to try. Of course, mine is much less pretty than hers, but for a first time, I think it was not so bad. I've got to improve myself!
Next it number 48, a gorgeous eggplant polish. Again, I used 2 coats without top coat.
2 coats of Purple Cosmetics # 48 without top coat.

And finally is number 49, a gorgous lilac polish. It's an hybrid between a jelly and a creme. I used 2-3 coats, depending how thick my coats were. This color is so me! I love such delicate and simple color and put lavender in a polish and I'm sold!

2-3 coats of Purple Cosmetics # 49 without top coat.

I added 1 coat of OPI Pirouette My Whistle as an accent on my ring finger because I think they fit so well together!

As I said in my previous post about Purple Professional (here), I am sincerely happy and impressed with this brand. They have a really nice range of colors and their quality is wonderful. You can apply them very easily, the consistency of their polishes is great, neither too thick nor too thin, they have  good pigmentation and they are really glossy. All my pictures here are without top coat.
Their colors for this winter are just perfect. You've got a neutral taupe, a gorgeous vampy eggplant/plum and an elegant jelly-creme lavender. There are 5 other colors in their collection that you can see on their Facebook page here or on the picture bellow.

On Purple Professional FB page, a giveaway to win the entire Winter Collection (8 polishes) will be held when they reach 2500 likes! So if you haven't like them already, go and have a look! :D

Purchase infoPurple Professional polishes are sold only in Portugal at the moment but they will export their brand internationally soon. They are also looking for internation retailers that would love to carry their brand. You can find here a list of places to shop in Portugal. You can have a look at their official website if you want more information or drop them an email at info@purpleprofessional.com. You can also follow Purple Professional on Facebook. If you're outside Portugal and want to order some polishes from this brand, you can leave a message to Paula on Purple Professional Facebook page.

Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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