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I am happy to share some pictures of the new collection by Rainbow Honey, called The Yokai collection. Yokai (妖怪) is a mythic creature in Japanese legends, such as a ghost or a monster or a spirit, and is a perfect name for a Halloween theme collection. This collection is made of 3 polishes, Kawako, Oni, and Kitsune.

Kawako (川子) literally means the kid from the river. It represents a spirit living in the river.
It's a gorgeous dark blue base polish packed with small silver and larger blue flakes. I used 2 coats here and application was rather easy. As for the 2 other polishes from this collection, I used a high shine top coat (essence gel look).

Bottle shot.

Wow. Seriously, how gorgeous is this polish! I'm not sure if I see it more as a river filled with tiny ghosts (i.e., the silver flakes) or as a sky filled with stars! Either way, it's beautiful and I just love this polish. The bigger iridescent flakes that you can see in the last picture (bottle shot) are not so visible on the nails but they probably give more dimention to the polish.

Next is Oni (鬼). It's probably the most popular Japanese demons. I bet you all have already seen some representations of Oni, most often they are depicted as giants with horns on their foreheard and claws. Their skin is usually either red-brown or blue.
Oni is a breathtaking brown base polish packed with small gold and purple flecks. It seems to have different colors of gold flecks but as it's such a complex polish, it is a bit difficult to actually see everything that is in there. I also have to impression there are red flakes when I look from a certain distance but when I look at closeup shots, I cannot see them. So I don't know if it's the mix of purple and brown that gives some red hues in some lightening or if it really has some red particles...
For the pictures, I used 2 coats.

Bottle shot.

Oni is one of the most original and complex polish I've ever seen and it's sincerely gorgeous. I cannot stop looking at it! The purple flakes are a very nice add to the polish because they make it more intriguing and beautiful.

And finally is Kitsune (狐). Kitsune means a fox in standard Japanese. However, in Japanese folklore, kitsune are magical spirits that have the shape of a fox but most of the time the soul of a woman. They are said to be mischievous and malicious, and have a lot of magical powers. There are a lot of different kinds of Kitsune. Some are associated with the god Inari (cf the statues you can often see in front of temples), while some are more malicious, have 9 tails and can play tricks to humans. This last version of Kitsune reminds me of the Korean drama, My girlfriend is a Gumiho, as such creatures also appear in the Koran folklore. Gumiho means a nine tailed fox in Korean btw.

Kitsune is a ....kitsune color :p In Japanese, a kitsune color is a light brown, caramel color. There are lots of golden flakes and some bright and darker red glitters. I used 2-3 coats and the polish was a little thicker than the 2 others, but application was still alright. I recommand using thin coats and a high shine top coat because the glitters seems a bit thirsty.

Bottle shot.

I was first a bit skeptical about this polish when I first see it because I was not sure the color would look good with my skintone but I completely changed my mind once it was on my nails! I think it looks really pretty and that it does look like a kitsune, mysterious and attractive! And maybe the red glitters are a reference to our well-known red foxes! Oh, don't use too thick coats for this polish otherwise it will look a bit uneven. However, if you use thin coats, you'll get a very neat result!

Each polish comes in a very cute box! l-r: Kawako, Oni, Kitsune.

In conclusion, I think it's a very nice collection with an interesting background, filled with legends and captivating stories! The 3 of them are very original and unique and I'm pretty sure they'll soon become mythic polishes in the polish world!

Purchase info
Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased from Rainbow Honey official website HERE. On this website, you can also find a list of official retailers for France, Singapore, and the Philippines for example. The Yokai collection is available at the moment on the site! You can follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook.

*Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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