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 Love at first sight? Guaranteed! With the new trend edition “hugs & kisses”, all the girls are sure to fall in love with the cool and colorful beauty products by essence in January and February 2013. The colors in this trend edition are super fun and will definitely put you in the mood for Valentine’s Day: bright lemon and pink combined with intensive red and purple are guaranteed to impress! Love struck or not, these unique products will make your heart go boom: an eyeshadow palette and a blush in a great L.O.V.E. design, lashes, stylish lip products and an awesome eau de toilette – the it-pieces in the “hugs & kisses” collection are sure to make the hearts of all trendsetters beat a little bit faster. XOXO essence!

essence hugs & kisses – eyeshadow palette
This eyeshadow palette makes everyone happy! The four colors pink, purple, lemon and soft apricot with L.O.V.E embossed directly on each of the eyeshadows create über-trendy eye make-up styles. And not just for Valentine’s Day! Includes a practical applicator in a cute box. Available in 01 love at first sight.
essence hugs & kisses – glitter eyeliner
Eye love you… the liquid eyeliner in purple and multiglitter creates an eyeliner look that’ll make you tingle with excitement! Available in 01 with X´s and O´s and 02 love´s out to get you.
essence hugs & kisses – lip scrub
Lovely lips! This lip scrub gives you irresistibly soft lips – simply apply and spread gently. Your lips will feel velvety and soft in an instant. An ideal preparation for the hugs & kisses lip tint. Available in 01 be my valentine.
In the above picture the texture looks smooth...but I'm curious to try this scrub from essence! I am currently using a lip scrub from Lush and I'd like to compare them ;D
essence hugs & kisses – lip tint
Intensive red and bright pink to draw all the attention to your lips! The soft texture tints your lips and creates either a subtle or intensive result depending on how many layers you apply. Available in 01 sugar baby love and 02 save your kisses for me.
essence hugs & kisses – blush
The blush with a cool L.O.V.E. print is an absolute eye-catcher. At the same time, the soft rosé shade gives you a fresh and radiant look – sure to make a great impression with Mr. Right! Available in 01 dating prince charming.
essence hugs & kisses – nail art twins base coat
The trendy nail polish colours pink, lemon, lilac and red provide the basis of the cool nail art twins. Each of the high coverage, long-lasting base coats is just waiting to be united with their other half – the nail art twins top coats. Available in 01 sugar baby love, 02 love it or leave it, 03 with X´s and O´s and 04 save your kisses for me.

 mmm...I love the purple polish!

essence hugs & kisses – nail art twins top coat
On top! Once you’ve polished your nails with the twin, it’s time for the effects! These top coats with glitter in rosé, multiglitter, purple and red have flakes and hearts guaranteed to set surprising and unique highlights. So in love! Available in 01 more than words, 02 dreams for sale, 03 crazy in love and 04 sunshine and red roses.
NEED'EM ALL! The purple and red polish both have heart glitters! And I love the softness of "Dreams for Sale".
essence hugs & kisses – nail sticker
Perfect style down to your fingertips … the self-adhesive nail stickers are super easy to apply on your nails to decorate them with hearts, kisses and declarations of love. An absolutely cool way of saying “I love you”. Available in 01 crazy about you.
essence hugs & kisses – lashes
Flutter those lashes… for a look full of volume and a true wow-effect! Totally easy to apply with the included glue. The silver hearts give these lashes an extra eye-catching touch. Available in 01 sugarpie honeybunch.
essence like hugs & kisses – eau de toilette
This is what a date with your favorite fragrance should be like! Sensual, flowery and fruity – this fragrance is super fun and makes you feel like you’re in love.
essence “hugs & kisses” will be available in stores in January and February 2013.

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