Myviven GN32

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I have a very pretty polish containing star-, heart-, and flower-shaped glitters, to share with you today! This polish is from the brand, Myviven and its "name" is GN32.

I tried 2 different combinations, one over a bright red and one over black.

First combo is with Purple Professional 21, a hot orange-red creme. I used 1 coat of Myviven GN32.

And I also tried it over A England Ophelia.

Final verdict: I was really suprised and pleased with this polish! I love the iridescent glitters in it. It looks very delicate and cute! Over black, it looks like you have a glaxy painted on your nails! I also appreciate the heart-, star-, and flower-shaped glitters but they were difficult to get out of the bottle, especially the flowers. To catch them, I had to use a toothpick that I dipped into the bottle. The consistency of the polish was also a bit thick.

If you know a polish with flower-shaped glitters that are easy to get on the nails, tell me, please becaue I love this type of glitters!

Purchase info:
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