Born Pretty Flocking Powder

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I got some flocking powder from Born Pretty and gave it a try ;)

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet on how to apply flocking powder, so I won't do it one myself. You can easily find how to use flocking powder if you google it or look on youtube.

First, I tried a total flocking powder look with Essie Fiji as a base color.

Then I wanted to try a little bit of nail art with it ;) I first painted all my nails with Essie Need A Vacation, a medium pink creme. When it was dry, I did one nail at a time. I used some scotch tape and applied Essie Fiji where can see the flocking powder on the pictures below and immediately applied the flocking powder. Finally I added some silver striping tape to finish the look.

The flocking powder come with a brush and tweezers.
Final verdict: Flocking Powder is fun and cute for a special occasion! Honestly I wouldn't wear it to go to work but I would definitely use it to twist a mani in my days off.
I didn't wore this manicure for long so I can't talk about its lasting power.
Purchase info
You can purchase this flocking powder set from Born Pretty HERE where you can find lots of different nail art products.
For Born Pretty Store, you can use my coupon code AB5X31 to get 10% off your order.
I've also placed this coupon code at the very bottom of my blog page, under the "Shops & Coupons" section.
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*

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