Estée Lauder - Press Conference for spring 2013

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Two weeks ago I was very lucky because I was able to attend a Estée Lauder Press Conference that was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, for the presentation of the new Estée Lauder products for spring/summer 2013! By the way, I've already showed you some products, including the Heavy Petals polishes, in this post HERE.
The presentation was very interesting because Estée Lauder team gave in-depth explanation on every product and everthing was told in a very entertaining way. We could test the products on ourselves to see the texture of the cremes, powder, lotions, etc. And of course, I brought my camera so that I would be able to share some pictures with you!
So here we go!

Pretty Naughty collection display.

Blush, Eyeshadow palette, and matte lipsticks of the Pretty Naughty collection.

Heavy Petals collection and Insatiable nail polish (Pretty Naughty collection).
Invisible powder makeup and invisible fluid makeup.
The inivisble powder makeup is a new type of powder-fluid-gel hybrid, composed of pigments that can cover imperfections but at the same time let the natural color of your skin show through.

There are 5 new makeup removers that will enter EL core line in April. Their particularity is that each product has multi-actions. Basically we have a foam, creme, and gelée that have also either a purifying, moisturing, or refiner action, a toner, and Take It Away, which is perfect for travelling as it can be used as a cleanser, toner and makeup remover.
  • Perfectly Clean Multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask.
  • Perfectly Clean Multi-action creme cleanser/moisture mask.
  • Perfectly Clean Multi-action cleasing gelée/refiner.
  • Triple-action cleanser/toner/makeup remover
  • Multi-action toning lotion/refiner.
These products seem really good and I'll probably get the creme cleanser/moisture mask when it comes out in April!

And at the end of the presentation, we could leave with some goodies! Here is what we got! Yes, I was very lucky~

I've been using Advanced Night Repair for 2 weeks now and I have to tell it's the best skin care product I've ever used! Sincerely, this product makes the skin smooth and flawless. I used to have red spots on my cheeks and they disappeard in one night! I had heard a lot of good things about this serum but I didn't know it was that good. Now if I had to chose only a single skin care product, I would go for it! If you have the opportunity to try it, don't hesitate because I'm sure you will like it and you will ever wonder why you haven't used it earlier!
The serum for the eyes is a new addition to Estée Lauder products. I've also been using it for 2 weeks but I can't say much about it because I don't have any particular problems with my eyes/skin around the eyes as I don't have any wrinkles there yet. But as always, prevention is the best thing and that's why I'm happy to use it.
During the conference, we were given a nice example. Take a dry sponge. If you want to use it to absorb some spilled liquid, it won't works well. However if the sponge is damp, it will be much easier for it to absorb the liquid. In the same way, if your skin is dry, it won't be able to efficiently absorb the cream you will apply on your face to moisture it. But when you  apply Advanced Night Repair before your cream, you will be in the situtation of the damp sponge, and your skin will be ready to receive the cream. So you can see this serum as a preparation step and at the same time, it also helps to repair your skin.

Unfortunately it's been nearly 3 weeks that I have a terrible cold and thus my sense of smell is awful.That's why, at the moment, I have no idea how this perfume smells... how sad is it?... I'll give you my feedback about it later ;)

A gloss with a roll-on applicator! I say "yes"! It's super easy to apply, it's not sticky, and the color is like grenadine syrup! I love it!!

 I also got this lovely nail polish called "Hot Spell", which is part of "Bronze Goddess" collection, available in April. I'll be sure to try it and post swatches very soon!!

And finally I would like to say a big thank you to Estée Lauder Switzerland for inviting me to the press conference, for their kindess, and for all the samples!

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