Lancôme Gris Angora and ombre

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Do you have such polish that you want so much even if you are almost sure you already have similar colors in your stash? Well, that's the case for me and Lancôme Gris Angora. Last spring I had a huge love for gray nail polishes and I got a quite few in different shades of gray, not fifty, but almost (no I'm joking!). That's why I was sure I had something similar to Gris Angora and put all my strenghth into resisting buying it. I resisted for almost 1 year but a few weeks ago I surrendered I got it lol So here it is!
I also swatched other gray nail polishes on my nails and then thought they could do a pretty nice ombre manicure! I'll have to do more ombre because I really like this look!

So let's have a look at Lancôme Gris Angora (407N) first.

I love love love this gray! Application was a real dream thanks to the wide brush. By the way, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent have the best brushes in my opinion! They make the polish so easy to apply! Texture was also excellent. You will need 2 easy coats to get full opactiy.
For the ombre manicure, I used (from index to pinkie) Catrice Sing: Hey, Dirty Lilah!, Lancôme Gris Angora, Catrice ASHley, and OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts. As you can see the are all different.  I used 2 coats for each polish.
  • Catrice Sing: Hey, Dirty Lilah! is the lightest. It's a gray with a very light touch of lilac and lots of white in it.
  • Lancôme Gris Angora is a medium gray. I didn't realized it until I had it on my nails but it also have some lilac in it. It's not so obvious when it is worn alone but you can see it more when it's close to other types of gray.
  • Catrice ASHley is darker, with a blue base.
  • OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts is also darker and has some taupe, yellow in it.
So finally I'm super happy I got Gris Angora as it's unique in my collection and I really like this kind of color! perfect!
I also got one of the new Baume in Love from Lancôme spring collection (2013), Rose Macaron 110. The texture is creamy and really like a lip balm. It's moisturizing and it gives a nice pink touch to the lips! That's also a wonderful product. If you like lip balms or sheer lipsticks, I highly suggest you to have a look at these Baume in Love!

It looks super bright in the tube, almost neon but it leaves just a sheer pink touch on the lips.

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