LE Geometrix & Candy Shock by CATRICE

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The beauty of geometry: linea ar, architectural, straightforward. A graphical game with coloured surfaces. The master of neo plasticism: Piet Mondrian. As demonstrated by the Spring/Summer 2013  catwalk trends, his geometric austerity of black grids on a white background with colourful squares inside continues to inspire numerous designers to this day. The Limited Edition “Geometrix” by CATRICE offers the ideal make-up styles to go with this trend in April and May 2013. Extremely authentic with geometric designs and a colour scheme comprising classic primary colours and contrasting bright shades – for example, in the Eye Shadow Palette and four eye-catching nail polishes. Further highlights include the practical blush paper, which is sure to fitt into even the tiniest handbag, as well as the soft kabuki brush. Neo-plasticism by CATRICE.

Geometrix by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Palette
Art Gallery. The Eye Shadow Palette offers six powder eye shadows with a high pigmentation in an elaborate case à la Mondrian. From soft neutral shades to classic primary and contrasting bright colours, this range is convincing all-round -whether used mono or combined. The premium duo-applicator is also included in the case and ensures correct application. Available in C01 Mix.

Geometrix by CATRICE – The Giant Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof
Sixties Look. The new waterproof Giant Mascara guarantees sweeping XX Llashes. Thanks to its specially developed conic mega-brush shape, each individual lash is defined and brought int to shape. The waterproof texture guarantees 24 hours of long-lasting sensational volume. Now new in the standard range.
Geometrix by CATRICE – Matt Lip Cream
Primary Red. Two intensive, bright signal colours for gorgeous lips. The creamy lipgloss texture with a matt finish is s available in a classic Mondrian red as well as an orange-red shade. These Matt Lip Creams have a moisturizing effect and leave your lips feeling as soft as vellvet. Available in C01 Red and C02 Light Red.

Geometrix by CATRICE – Blush Paper
Blush-to-Go. Innovative and practical: Blush Paper. These soft blush papers provide your face with contours for a fresh, natural-looking complexion. Brushes or sponges are no longer necessary. The high-quality printed packaging is ideal for every handbag. In a colour that suits all skin tones. Available in C01 Red.
Geometrix by CATRICE – Translucent Mattifying Powder
Portrait Powder. Make-up is in place and the masterpiece is complete. Use this pressed transparent powder to mattify your complexion and set your look. Suitable for every skin type, it offers a visible mattifying effect despite its transparency.
Geometrix by CATRICE – Kabuki Brush
Beauty Brush. The Kabuki Brush with thick, soft bristles is particularly resistant, making it the ideal tool for applying loose or compact powder. For smooth results and a flawless complexion. The handy size and elegant black design with graphical highlights turn this Kabuki Brush into an absolute must-have accessory.
Geometrix by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Colour Zone. Two primary colours plus two neon colours. Equals four trendy shades. The Ultimate Nail Lacquers stand out for their high coverage and sensational shine so turn your nails into an empty canvas for nail designs that are true works of art. Available in C01 Blue, C02 Red, C03 Orange and C04 Yellow.

“Geometrix” by CATRICE will be available in stores in April and May 2013.


Limited Edition “Candy Shock” by CATRICE

The Limited Edition “Candy Shock” by CATRICE whisks you away to a nostalgic funfair in April and May 2013. A bizarre world filled with fun and inspiration from international designers reflected in a pastel landscape of ballerina couture. Impressive layers of sheer tulle and over-sized round collars. Pointy metallic pumps. Dreamy yet ladylike. The Limited Edition “Candy Shock” unites four soft pastel shades with bright coral. Urban grey and beige add a cool touch. Welcome to a candy world.


Soft Baked Eye Shadow
Eye Shadows with a texture reminiscent of delicate candyfloss. Wonderfully light and delicate when applied dry, an intoxication of colour with or without metallic effects when applied moist. Two warm and two cool pastel shades for a beautiful look. Available in C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!, C02 Play It Blue, C03 Bring Me Peach, and C04 It's Honey Money.


Lip Balm Stick
Lollipop, lollipop: the Lip Balm Sticks perfectly unite two benefits – intensive care and light colour dispersion. For soft lips as sweet as sugar with a light shimmer effect. Available in C01 Bring Me Peach and C02 Sugar Shock.
Lip Peeling
Real sugar crystals free your lips of excess skin cells and pamper them until they feel wonderfully soft and supple. Simply apply on your lips in small, circular movements using the flock applicator. The results: gorgeous smooth lips. With a fruity spring scent!


Multi Colour Blush
Bubble blush: from pale to rosy. The baked blush contains four optimally aligned marbled rosé shades for a fresh complexion. The soft texture is easy to blend and gently caresses the contours of your face. Availble in Sugar Shock.


Multi Colour Highlighter
The Multi Colour Highlighter gives your face and neckline a beautiful radiant look with matt and slightly pearly effects. Perfectly aligned complementary colours even out small irregularities of the skin to ensure a flawless complexion with a radiant glow. Available in Vanilla Love.


Soft Nail Lacquer
Ice Cream: This carrousel of colours contains four beautiful candy shades. Rosé, vanilla, apricot and light blue. 02 Play It Blue and 03 Bring Me Peach have a chalky matt powder effect. Availble in C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!, 02 Play It Blue, 03 Bring Me Peach, and C04 Vanilla Love.
Nail Sugar Pearls
Micro beads of love for nail designs that look good enough to eat. This little treat is one of the spring season’s highlights and is sure to put you in the mood for more. Polish your nails with the Soft Nail Lacquer of your choice and then cover with the mini sugar pearls while the polish is still wet. Leave to dry. Availble in C01 Cotton Candy and C02 Sugar Shock.

“Candy Shock” by CATRICE will be available in stores in April and May 2013.
Some information for people in France!
As you may have noticed, the availability of essence has decreased significantly in France after the Schlecker bankruptcy. While we are working on increasing our number of French sales locations again, we cannot tell you when essence will be available more widely again. Therefore, we’d like to give you a list of all current French sales locations for essence.

My opinion:
First of all, I like both sujects of these new LE. Geometrical pattern is classic but trendy at the same time, pefect for modern women. And I also love everything cute and sugar-coated!
I've never heard of blush paper before. That's why I'm excited to see how it looks like. Same goes for the lip peeling pencil. It seems so convenient to have a lip scrub in a pencil format!
And finally I'm also interested in the neon and pastel nail polishes!

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