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I had great news at work today so let's celebrate with Lynnderella Evermore over a bright pink, OPI If You Moust You Moust from the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection.

Evermore is descirbed by Lynnderella as follows.
 "Evermore is dedicated to two friends: One lovely and brainy and the other a dear feline who has departed for other realms. The ravens may say “Nevermore,” but the tabby said “Evermore....” And that’s just about how long we will love and miss you. This lacquer contains multiple black shapes with a potent multi-coloured microglitter (think One Nutty Fruitcake amplified). When viewing swatches, how many silhouettes do you see up there? Is that a bird on the Kiwi Fruit? We’re calling this the Rorschach effect. Application may require patience and skill."

I applied one coat of Evermore over 2 coats of If You Moust You Moust. I applied Evemore like a regular polish, in one swipe across the nails, I didn't use the "dabbing method" to apply it because I like when there aren't too many glitters on the nails.

Final thoughts: What do you expect me to say except that's gorgeous!lol I really love this polish! Before putting it on, I didn't realize there were black hearts in it. There are also black circle, square, and hexagonal glitters plus all the tiny multicolored glitters dancing in the clear base. Lynnderella said you have to be a bit careful with the application but I didn't encounter any issues. I just used one coat.
And I also have to add that OPI If You Moust You Moust is my all time favorite medium pink creme! I love it so so so much! It's the perfect pink for me. I've already used it several times but now I'm getting a bit worried since I only have the mini bottle...
Purchase info:
Lynnderella polishes can be purchased from Lynnderella store on ebay (US and Canada only) and now also from Norway Nails, the exclusive stockist for Lynnderella in Europe.

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