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A few days ago I went a bit crazy when I saw the new Dior collection called Dior Addict Gloss and bought the 4 polishes from this lovely collection! The 4 polishes are so beautiful that I couldn't leave them in store, could I?

Princess, Spring BallDélice, and Diablotine are all glass flecked polishes and have a dreamy formula. Application was very easy and they all required 2 coats to get a fully opaque look.
Princess is a gorgous medium pink, the most girly shades from this collection and a favorite of mine. It looks rather soft but it's a real eye-catcher, belive me! I wore it for 5 days, had a tons of compliments, and it really broke my heart to take it off. It's such a fresh and perfect pink!

Spring Ball is a lovely peachy-coral shimmer polish and is just so perfect for spring! I can't get enough of this beauty!

Délice is a very hot coral pulling toward the orange side. It's very bright and saturated and I can see myself wearing it a lot this summer.

And finally we have Diablotine, a bright tomato red. It's a really glowing and awesome red!


I'm head over heels in love with these 4 polishes! At the moment, I love wearing red and pink polishes so you can imagine how happy I'm to have them ;D
Purchase info:
Dior polishes can be purchased from your regular Dior counter or directly through dior.com.

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