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Today I have pictures of Essie Repstyle collection to share with you! This collection is made of 6 magnetic polishes.
For each polish, I used 2 coats of polish and top coat.
A few words from Essie about this collection:

I am in love with all the myriad exotic skins that we’re seeing slithering down the runways these days. So tactile and sensuous, you just want to reach out and touch them! While creating this collection, it dawned on me that it would be a fabulous opportunity to feature the incredible new magnetic technology – in a way that’s ultra-modern, smart and sexy. 
The final result delivers a remarkably gorgeous effect, so easy to do yet with tremendous impact. You can keep the magnet positioned in the same direction for every nail or mix it up for a more rock n’ roll look. Both the polish and magnet are a total snap to use, so creating a jaw-dropping design is a complete no-brainer.
Sometimes, a girl just wants to have fun with fashion and feel sssssexy. Nails are the perfect place to experiment with color and snake it up in style. Unlike the über-luxe exotic accessories that inspired repstyle, you don’t need to cash in your stock options to play. Whether you go for crocadillyor find yourself with lil’ boa peep, it’s an instantly fabulous way to snake, rattle and roll! 
Repstylishly yours,

Crocadilly - Stealthy hunter green lamé can’t hide for long – this rare couture croc star is on the rise.
Snake, rattle and roll - Cage her? Good luck. Tame her? Impossible. Venomous oxidized silver was born to rock.

Repstyle - Slither your way into the fashion frontline with shape-shifting tanned bronze that’s simply the beast.
Snake it up - Diamondback or pavé python? Midnight purple pewter always keeps them guessing.
Lil’ boa peep - Just one look is all it takes to find yourself wound up in this stunningly hypnotic titanium copper.
Sssssexy - Looking sharp and striking a pose, scintillating sanguine has a bite. Danger: that girl is poison.
As you can see on the bottle pictures, the bottles come with 2 separate caps. One big square cap which include the magnet and underneath it, you will find the regular essie cap. I painted on the magnet of Lil’ boa peep so that you can see the pattern of the magnet.

Regular cap in my hand and the cap containing the magnet next to the bottle.
You can also notice that for this collection, the brush is skinny (cf the brush of the US bottles) and not the wide flat brush you have normally on European Essie polishes.
I also add a small tutorial (photos provided by Esssie) to explain how to use these magnetic polishes.

Advice: the magnet has to be placed very very (!!) close to the nail otherwise it will not work. The design will appear almost instantaneously, in just 4-5 seconds, so no need to let the magnet on your nail for a longer time.
If you have curved nails, you can slightly roll the magnet over your nails to have the pattern on the whole nail. Phsiiit suggests to do the same thing you would do when you stamp a pattern on your nails with Konad or other image plate systems. You can do it because, as I said, the pattern appear almost instantaneously and you don't have to wait for the pattern to be created.
The first polish I tried from this collection is Lil’ boa peep and I must admit I had some problems getting the pattern on my nails. Nothing happened. Then I realized the magnet was not close enough to my nails. So if you don't manage to get a pattern, place the magnet closer to the nail! Basically, the white plastic part of the cap must touch your cuticles otherwise it won't work.
If you do it correctly, you will get a stunning result! And if you can't get a nice result on your first try, try again because practice helps a lot! See the difference between  Lil’ boa peep (first I tried) and Sssssexy (the last I tried).

The 6 polishes have good pigmentation, especially Snake it up, for which only 1 coat would be enough.
Overall, I think this collection is very nice. It's a great way to get very easy and fast nail art. My favorites are Crocadilly (the green), Snake it up (the blue), and Sssssexy (the red). I especially love (love love love) Sssssexy!

Purchase info
Essie polishes can be purchased from autorized retailers. You can find a list of stores that sell Essie in Switzerland here. You can follow Essie Switzerland on Facebook and the essie girls HERE.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*

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