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OMG Nail strips are carried online by the store of the same name that you can fin here.
Before starting, you must know that I've only tried nail wraps once before these and I didn't like them at all. And that's why I was curious to see if the OMG nail strips would make me change my mind or not.

For one of the above manicures (on the left :p ) I applied a negative filter just  because I thought it looked cool  lol  that's not a good reason, I agree. So let's say it's because I had mixed feeling about these nail strips. I absolutely adore one of the them and disliked the other. Read more to find out which one is which ;D
The first one I will talk about is a nail polish strip, which means the wraps are made of nail polish. To my opinion, this is great because the wraps will adhere more easily to your nails and usually you get better result with such wraps. I chose a cheetah pattern!

They look neat, don't they?
16 strips per package.
I just used a regular top coat on top of the wraps and it worked nicely to seal them on the nails.

Final thoughts about the nail polish strips : I absolutely adore these wraps! Their quality is great. I wore them for 3 days, showers and shampoo included, and didn't have any chips. Their were still nice and pretty. I only experienced minor tip wear after these 3 days. I was scared they wouldn't resist showers because to remove them you have to soak your nails in wam water. So I guess showers are alright but if you take a bath, they won't survive.
They were super easy to apply. It was done in less than 10 min for both hands. I used some regular top coat on top.
Honestly I can't say enough good things about these wraps!
Oh yeah, the price is also really cool, they cost only $4.29 and shipping is free.
The second one I tried are nail foil wraps  and I'm sorry but here I can't say as good things as for the nail polish strips. They more difficult to apply. On most of my nails I managed to make them lay flat but not for all (see my index finger). Of course, if they don't lay flat,  I don't think you can expect to actually wear them for long. I just swatched them and then took them off because they looked too messy!
I first tried them just after the Cheetah nail polish strips (because I enjoyed them so much) but my first attempt was horrible. Then I let some time passed...But today, I decided to give this red plaid foil wraps another try. However, I obtained more or less the same results. Excuse me for the bad application but I couldn't do any  better. Moreover, note that you can see some silver foil at the tip of my middle finger. If you use a file to file down the excess strip, that's what you get. You should cut the excess with scissors (that's what the manufacturer recommends). I finished with top coat.

Final thoughts about the nail foil wraps: The nail foil wraps are in my opinion not worth it and I wouldn't recommend to buy them. They are too messy and difficult to apply.
To summarize: A big YES to the nail polish strips, I would even buy others from them but NO to the nail foil wraps!
If you're looking for great quality nail wraps but for a very reasonable price ($4.29 shipping included), go for the nail polish strips, I'm sure you won't be disppointed!
Purchase info:
OMG nail strips can be purchased from the OMG nail strips store here.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*

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