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It's time for another amazing piCture pOlish! Yay~

White Wedding was created in collaboration with Leah Ann from Llarowe.

White Wedding is described by piCture pOlish as follows.

"White Wedding was created with Leah Ann from Llarowe. Inspiration: Does Leah Ann fancy rockers from the eighties?  She asked for a 'platinum white with rainbows' and then advised it would be called White Wedding. White Wedding is not a holo, not a mulit chromatic and not a glitter.  It has a mystery effect that is just magical (you will not see it in our photo) so you really need to see White Wedding in person!"

Pictures are with 3 thin coats of White Wedding and top coat. It's packed with lots of multicolor flecks! 



Look at the rainbow in the bottle!

I was also curious to try it over black, just to see if the different colors of the flecks would pop more over the dark base. The flecks are suspended in a milky base by the way.
I painted one thin coat over a black creme. In order to have the same result on each nail, you have to be a bit careful because if you apply a thicker coat for example, you will see the milky base more. But I think the overall look is super fun! It's like a galaxy!!

Final thoughts: White Wedding is such a gorgeous and complex polish! It's a super wearable white. It looks very elegant and chic. The multicolor flecks are rather sublte, you can't see them very distinctly all the time but they are definitely there and give a very interesting touch to the overall look. I also absolutely love it layered over black! Maybe you could also try to sponge it over black to get a more uniform look if you prefer.
To get an opaque look, you will need 3 coats. Application was easy but I suggest you wait for the 1st layer to be dry before applying the second one.

Purchase info:
piCture pOlish polishes can be purchased from piCture pOlish online shop or from various retailers. You can find a list of all piCture pOlish retailers here. Don't forget to follow piCture pOlish on Facebook.

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