Yves Saint Laurent Wintergreen

7:40 PM


I was very surprised (and happy!) when I found a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Wintergreen in a clearance basket at my local pharmacy a few days ago! Wintergreen is part of the Jardin de Minuit collection (fall 2011). I felt like I had hit the jackpot and had to bring home this little precious!

Wintergreen is a dark teal with predominant green undertones and with an amazing shimmer running through it. I used 2 easy coat for the pictures.


And of course, I had to use Première Neige top coat (reviewed HERE) on top! That's a match made in heaven, they look beautiful together!

Purchase info:
Yves Saint Laurent polishes can be purchased from your regular Yves Saint Laurent counter. For more information, visit YSL Experience.com.
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