Kardashian Beauty - Torrid (jelly!)

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I received some Kardashian Beauty polishes from Global Beauty Secrets and today I'll show you Torrid, a gorgeous dark red jelly. The brand was called Khroma Beauty but they've just changed their name to Kardashian Beauty.

First are some pictures of Torrid alone.

For the pictures below, I used 2 coats of Torrid and then I stamped with Konad special polish in white using a pattern from Cheeky Jumbo plate C. Finally I added another coat of Torrid and top coat.

The stamping is very subtle but I just love it this way!
Final thoughts: Torrid is a true jelly. It looks super squishy and is perfect to create sandwich manicures, where you use 2 coats of jelly, then glitters or any pattern you like and finally you add another coat of jelly on top. Consistency is very nice and it is easy to paint your nails with it. The more layer you add the darker the polish will look. For the first pictures I used 2 coats of Torrid.
I don't think I acutally have any dark red jelly in my stash. I do have some red jellies but nothing as dark and deep as this one! I'm super happy with it!
All formulas of Kardashian Beauty polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP.
Purchase info:
Kardashian Beauty products can be purchased from Khroma Beauty Europe or Khroma Beauty. And don't forget to visit Global Beauty Secrets! Torrid is a limited edition polish.
You call follow Kardashian Beauty Europe on Facebook here.
*Some product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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