OPI Matte top coat and comparison

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I have some pictures of the new OPI Matte Top Coat and I must say I'm sold on it!

I wore OPI Matte Top Coat for a few days over OPI Road House Blues and I love this combination so much, I am sure I will wear it  again quite often!
I used 2 coats of Road House Blues and 1 coat of Matte top coat.

I also played a little with the matte top coat...I did the manicure below with some striping tape.

and  I also tried to stamp with the matte top coat. I saw this idea on Dizzy Little Digits and loved it so much I had to try! However, OPI Matte top coat dries so fast that you have to work really really fast to get the design on your nails. It doesn't look super pretty but...here it is ;D
I used Cheeky jumbo plate A
Finally I did a quick comparison of OPI Matte top coat with the other matte top coats that I have: essence soft touch topper and Essie matte about you.

I used 1 coat of top coat over OPI Road House Blues..

I used 1 coat of top coat over German-icure by OPI.

As you can see the essence top coat finish is more rubbery compared to OPI and Essie. I would say that the OPI top coat is the most mattifying of the three. The Essie and OPI top coat are quite close honestly but they are actually slightly different. Another difference bewteen them are their drying time. OPI is a super fast drying top coat - I didn't wait more than 5 min before using striping tape over it! - while the essie top coat is the slowest to dry.
To summarize:
Essence: rubbery texture, OPI: the most mattifying, Essie is between essence and OPI but is quite close to OPI.
Drying time: Essie > essence > OPI.
Final thoughts: I'm completely in love with OPI Matte top coat over this dark blue! I had lots of compliments while wearing it, people saying the matte effect looks so very elegant. I also like that the base polish can look really different with the matte top coat compared to with a glossy top coat. For example, I've never worn Road House Blues on its own because it looks too dark for me but with the matte top coat, it gives it a much softer look that I adore. For me, it's much more wearable this way and now I want to try it over so many other polishes!
Compared to other matte top coats, I like that the OPI one is very mattifying (the most of the 3 matte top coats I have) and that it dries crazily fast!
If you have the essence top coat and you're not completely satisfied with the finish,  I highly recommend you to try the OPI matte top coat, while if you already have the essie matte top coat, you don't absolutely need the OPI top coat unless you want a little more mattifying top coat and especially if you want a fast drying top coat.
Purchase info:
OPI polishes can be purchased in professional nail salons, certains pharmacies, and beauty supplies.
For Switzerland, you can search for licensed retailers here.
OPI Matte Top Coat is already available in stores.

*Some product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*  

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  1. Thanks for this wonderfully detailed post! I have just gotten into polish and couldn't decide which I needed in my collection.


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