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Three new limited editions!! How exciting!!

Limited Edition “Glamazona” by CATRICE
The new wildcard: multiple animal flower prints and tropical colours. Fashion designers are loving the exotic blossoms and untamed wildlife of the Amazon this spring. Mysterious. Extravagant. Glamorous. The Limited Edition “Glamazona” by CATRICE brings the dazzling rainforest to the city in June and July 2013. Bright and sometimes even metallic, this beauty spectacle inspires the hunting instinct of all Amazon queens. Their prey includes summer must-haves such as the Crocodile Cracker for unique nail designs with a crocodile skin appearance and the shimmering Liquid Gold Topper to conjure-up beautiful highlights on your face and body. Welcome to the metropolitan jungle by CATRICE.

Glamazona by CATRICE – Absolute Eye Colour
The eye of the tiger: an opulence of patterns, bright colours and metal looks. Embark on an exotic adventure in the tropics with the Absolute Eye Colours. Intensive colours, long durability and high coverage complemented by an animal and flower packaging that is sure to survive the urban jungle. In two bright and two metallic shades. Available in C01 I Got The Flower!, C02 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum, C03 Jungle Treasure and C04 cARMOURflage.
Glamazona by CATRICE – Lip Colour Pen
Lipstick jungle. Turn your lips into exciting, colour-intense and glossy lip-catchers with these Colour Pens. The practical pens are easy to handle and have a soft, retractable mine – for an accurate application and glossy results without drying out. Available in C01 I’m A Survivor and C02 I Got The Flower!.
Glamazona by CATRICE – Liquid Gold Topper
Glam-zone. This Topper is reminiscent of liquid gold and is a true source of inspiration for your Amazon make-up style. The quick-drying liquid can be applied on top of eyeshadow or worn as face and body shimmer for glittering highlights. Its water-based texture has a high pigmentation to intensify any look. Available in C01 Jungle Treasure.
Glamazona by CATRICE – Defining Blush 
Wild b(l)ush. Two shades. One unique design. The ultra-fine powder rouge with a breathtaking relief structure is easy to blend and conjures-up a naturally fresh look. For a radiant complexion and beautiful definition on the contours of your face. Available in C01 I’m A Survivor and C02 I Got The Flower!.
Glamazona by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Urban wilderness. Trendy emerald, intensive violet, signal red and bright lime are reminiscent of the beautiful vegitation and wildlife in paradise. In addition to the ultimate long-lasting texture and coverage, the Ultimate Nail Lacquers also offer the most gorgeous colours of the rainforest. Available in C01 Dirty Liana, C02 I Got The Flower!, C03 I’m A Survivor and C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum.
Glamazona by CATRICE – Crocodile Cracker
Dundee’s Manicure. Create an exciting jungle look on your nails with the Crocodile Cracker. This special-effect polish cracks open while it dries to leave behind a unique crocodile skin appearance in metallic gold on your nails. The Crocodile Cracker looks best applied on top of colour nail polish – for the look of the summer. Available in C01 cARMOURflage.
“Glamazona” by CATRICE will be available in stores in June and July 2013.
Thoughts: I need the gold crocodile cracker polish!! I'm not a huge fan of crackle polishes but I love croco effects! The purple polish (I got the flower! what a name lol) is also lovely! And the purple blush is also very interesting! I might have to get this one! and finally, the lip pens are also attractive, aren't they? I've never tried such lip pens so it will be a nice occasion to try one of them!

essence trend edition "girls on tour"
A city trip to London, Barcelona or Paris, an elaborate shopping tour of your favorite boutiques and wild party nights that should never come to an end: whatever you get up to, it’s always more fun with your best friends! essence is sending all girls on an exciting journey of discovery in June and July 2013 with the new trend edition “girls on tour”. Whether you’re going sightseeing, partying in a club or heading out for a shopping marathon – these practical products are sure to get all beauties looking their best in no time at all! Part of the crew: an eyeshadow palette with six perfectly aligned colors ranging from subtle to intense, a duo cream for your lips and cheeks, four different nail polish shades, a summery fragrance and a folding brush with a mirror. The absolute highlight of this trend edition is the fashionable cell phone accessory that looks like a camera! Thanks to their practical format, these products are sure to fit into any handbag – even the tiniest clutch… absolutely ideal for all girls “on tour”!

essence girls on tour – eyeshadow palette 
London eye: subtle beige, soft pink, intensive mint, warm bronze gold, bright pink and fresh turquoise green. The variety in this eyeshadow palette guarantees that you’re spoiled for choice when you’re on the go and is absolutely essential for girls who love change! Includes a make-up guide for two different urban eye make-up styles.

essence girls on tour – lip & cheek creme
Sightseeing and shopping… all day long! The creamy formula of the lip & cheek creme conjures-up a hint of fresh color on the lips and cheeks of all tourists. For a great look when you head for the trendiest shops and hotspots in all the big metropolitan areas around the world.
essence girls on tour – nail polish
Ready for take off? Absolutely! With these four trendy and long-lasting nail polish colors. Rosé, purple, pink and green add a touch of color on your nails and thanks to their practical size, they’re perfect when you’re on tour with the girls. Available in 01 voyage, voyage!, 02 go, sightseeing!, 03 hop on, hop off! and 04 tickets, please.
essence girls on tour – fragrance “girls on tour”
City guide! Just follow your nose – it’s sure to point you and your best friends in the direction of the trendiest neighborhoods, shopping meccas and hippest clubs. Fruity, floral and with a subtle sweet note, this fragrance spreads a true summer feeling and is sure to put you in the mood for the next city trip with the girls.
essence girls on tour – pocket brush & mirror
It’s travel time! If you travel a lot, you’re sure to appreciate this handy beauty helper. The folding brush and mirror set comes in a practical purse-size to ensure that all beauties are perfectly armed for a quick styling session to go. On your marks, get styling, go!
essence girls on tour – phone charm
Ring, ring! This cool retro-camera cell phone charm is sure to make stylish girls even happier to reach for the phone and take that call! The ultimate must-have to turn your cell into an all-time favorite fashion accessory!
essence “girls on tour” will be available in stores in June and July 2013.
Thoughts: OMG! I absolutely ned the phone charm!! Otherwise the eyeshadow palette looks very pretty but I'm not sure I'll get it, probably not.
essence trend edition “ticket to paradise”

Last call for all passengers with a ticket to paradise! With its trend edition “ticket to paradise” essence is sending all sun goddesses to beautiful beaches, tropical climates and idyllic islands where fun and relaxation are in perfect harmony this June and July 2013. Bright colors like gold, orange, fuchsia, purple, turquoise and azure blue spread a feeling of pure summer while light, gel-like textures give your face a fresh glow without feeling heavy on your skin – just right for the high temperatures at the beach or when you’re out and about! In addition to jelly eyeshadows, transparent lipglosses and lipliners as well as semi-transparent nail polish colors, the highlights of this trend edition include a shimmer powder with a floral 3D imprint and the hair mascara, which is available in mint or purple for a unique and trendy hair look! So let’s head to paradise – with these awesome products by essence. 

essence ticket to paradise – eyeshadow
Deep blue sea and golden sun… This eyeshadow accentuates your eyes in intense turquoise, bright azure blue or summery gold with a subtle shimmer. Its slightly cooling, gel-like texture is ideal for hot days at the beach as it softly rests on your lid without settling in the crease. Apply several layers to intensify the color. Open your eyes, summer is here! Available in 01 dive with me to the island, 02 deep sea baby and 03 tropical heat. 
essence ticket to paradise – lipgloss
Island hopping! The three glosses in orange, fuchsia and turquoise give your lips a touch of color to underline your island beauty look. With a light shimmer and a subtle scent, they are the ultimate companions – and not just in the Caribbean. Available in 01 sun said red, 02 my treasure island and 03 dive with me to the island.
essence ticket to paradise – lipliner
The lipliner in warm orange and intensive fuchsia definitely have to come along to the island! No matter whether you use it to outline your lips or color them in completely for even more expression – the light, glossy texture is super-easy to apply and is a perfect match for the lipglosses. Available in 01 sun said red and 02 my treasure island.
essence ticket to paradise – nail polish
Destination glossy nails… these colorful, long-lasting nail polishes in turquoise, gold, orange and fuchsia have a semi-transparent gel-like texture to create a cool, glossy wet-look. Make a brilliant impression on the island of your dreams! Available in 01 dive with me to the island, 02 tropical heat, 03 sun said red and 04 my treasure island.
essence ticket to paradise – shimmer powder
Summer sun! The shimmer powder is an absolute must-have if you’re going for a natural-looking glow. It conjures-up gorgeous golden shimmer highlights on your face and neckline. And the 3D design with hibiscus blossoms and palm tree leaves turn this it-piece into a real eye-catcher! Now you’re sure to have fun in the sun. Available in 01 tropical heat.
essence ticket to paradise – hair mascara
Two-tone hair! A totally cool trend for the summer – add a splash of color to your tresses! The hair mascara in purple and turquoise sets summer color accents in your hair and is so much fun. The texture is super-easy to apply and all you have to do is wash your hair to remove it. Available in 01 rumble in the jungle and 02 dive with me to the island.
essence “ticket to paradise” will be available in stores in June and July 2013.
Thoughts: I really like all their turquoise and azure blue items! I'll probably get the polish and the azure eyeshadow!

Important information from essence!
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