Chanel Malice & Clarins 230

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I have 2 special polishes to show you today. It's a combo I wore a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it ;D
I would never have thought that one day I would own Clarins 230 but I was super lucky to get it from the lovely Katherine (Manicure Addict) in one of her giveaway! Thank you so much, dear <3
And concerning Chanel Malice, I've been wanting it since I first saw it but took too much time before buying it and when I decided it was time to get it, it was already sold out here...But Sui Ling from Lovely Little Things was so nice! There were still some left in her mall and picked one for me! How sweet <3 thanks!

I think you've all heard about both Chanel Malice and Clarins 230 so I won't talk too much here:p
Pictures below are 2 effortless and dreamy coats of Chanel Malice.

Then I added 1 coat of Clarins 230 on top of Malice.

I was curious to see  how Clarins 230 would look "under water". When you take under water pictures, it is easier to see the different colors the polish can take. It's very fun to look at but don't be confused, it's not how it looks most of the time.

Bonus picture: Do I look like a crazy girl putting my hand in a bow full of water and taking pictures of my nails? lol
As I said, I'll keep it short...Chanel Malice is of course a gorgeous polish! It has a very nice formula and is just so classy and easy to wear. That's a must-have polish in my opinion. It belongs to the Eclats du Soir collection (holiday 2012) and was a limited edition polish.
Clarins 230 is a sheer multichrome polish. It shifts from maroon to green, yellow, and orange. It also adds a very pretty shimmer to your base color. It's also a discontinued polish and is very hard to find now.

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