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I am super happy to show you a wonderful set from The New Black. This set is called "Heathered" and was done in collaboration with Christina Rinaldi. The theme of the set is to give your nails an exclusive heathered t-shirt finish. Exciting, right?

The Heathered set comes with 4 colored nail polishes and a special top coat. This top coat is seriously one of the weirdest but coolest top coat I've seen in months!
Below is a picture of the 4 colored polishes in this set. There is a light pink (creme), light grey (shimmer), medium grey (creme), and a darker grey (frost).

On my middle finger, I added one coat of the top coat made of tiny fibers (hairy top coat)!

 And then, I created some easy nail art with all the colors from the set!


And then, some close-up pictures of the hairy top coat ;D

You have to shake the bottle, otherwise the fiber settle to the bottom.
I also made a quick tutorial to explain how I made this studded look on my index and ring finger.
Final thoughts: Heathered set by The New Black is for sure an interesting set. First, the colors look amazing together. Each shade compliments each other very well. And secondly, the top coat is just too fun to ignore this set! It looks so weird when you do a close-up shot of it but from afar, it looks really pretty. I guess the color that it looks best over is a light grey. I tried it over the medium grey of the set but the base was too dark to show the fiber well enough, and I'm not sure it will look that elegant over the light that being said, it looks really cool over light grey!!
I used 3 coats for each color except for the light grey, which required only 2. The medium grey was a bit watery but not difficult to work with and the shimmery, frosty darker grey was rather sheer. I would have prefered it to be a tad bit more opaque.
In conclusion, I really like the colors and the originality of this set. In my opinion, this hairy top coat is certainly weird but is a must-have!
Purchase info:
The New Black polishes can be purchased from Global Beauty Secrets. Other retailers, such as Pshiiit Boutique, also sell The New Black sets.
You can follow The New Black Europe on Facebook.
*Some product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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