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I'm glad to show you some polishes from the new Catrice Limited Edition called "L'Afrique, c'est chic"! This collection is supposed to be available in stores in August and September but I've already spotted it here in Switzerland and it has also already been seen in Germany.
When I saw this collection, I got super excited because the 5 polishes from this collection have a sand finish! I think it's the first textured polishes that Catrice or essence are launching and I was very curious to see how they would look ;D

There is one more polish in this collection, a blue one called Quel bleu turquoise. I didn't pick it because the color didn't call my name but I guess it's also quite pretty.
Oh! I also got a new camera lens! I will probably keep swatching with my old camera at least for some time but I also tried to take some pictures with my DSLR camera and the new macro lens to see what I could do ;) They are the pictures with the giraffe background. Yay for my Black Milk Baby Giraffe leggings that I used to do the "African background" lol
NB: The 4 polishes of this collection are textured creme polishes. They do not contain any sparkly glitters. L'orange and Sunny Side are less textured than Rouge, Bien Sûr and So Classy.
The first polish is called "L'Orange". It's obviously not orange but more a terracotta kind of orangy-beige if that makes sense. I applied 2 coats. One coat is enough to obtain full opacitiy but I added a second coat to get more textured particles.
This color is the color that I usually pick when I want something neutral and I think this textured polish is just the perfect twist for a neutral but funky manicure!

Sunny Side is yellow textured polish.  It's less pigmented than L'orange but 2 coats were enough.
A yellow textured polish? I say a big "yes"! I love this one so much!! It's so perfect for summer and I'm pretty sure I'll wear it again!

Rouge, Bien Sûr is a red texture polish with some berry undertones. It's very well pigmented, 1 coat would be enough but I used 2 coats here.
In this one and in So Classy, the textured particles are denser and more visible than in the 2 other polishes. I actually wore it for 5 days and really loved wearing it! Its lasting power it quite nice since it started chipping only after day 5.

Finally we have So Classy, a brown textured polish. I also used 2 coats.
I think this one is my least favorite. I guess this is due to the color that is more fall appropriate. But I'm looking forward to wearing it in fall!

Overall I'm super happy with the polishes from this collection! I was waiting for Catrice to launch some textured polishes and I'm not disappointed.
When first trying them I preferred Sunny Side and L'orange because they are less textured but finally I wore Rouge, Bien Sûr (RBS) as a full manicure because it was the last one I swatched and I loved wearing it so much and its very rough side didn't bother me.
To me Sunny Side is the must-have from this collection! It's so original and lovely! I also really like L'orange becaue it's a funny way to wear a neutral polish.
Formula is very good for the 4 polishes. They are very pigmented and are easy to work with. Drying time was also rather fast. And...the brushes were good on all the 4 polishes!
Purchase info:
Catrice nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. You can search for a store that sells Catrice polishes here.
Ninja Polish and Sally Magpie sell some Catrice polishes and provide international shipping but they currently have only the polishes from the core line. Thanks to Claudia (Holographic Hussy) for the Sally Magpie's link ;)

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