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I'll keep it short because I'm a bit busy at the moment. Here are swatches of some China Glaze I've been wearing lately!

Strap on your Moonboots is part of China Glaze Hologlam Collection. It's a navy blue holographic polish. In the sun, you can see the gorgeous linear holo effect while in the shade it almost looks like a metallic polish. I'm a huge fan of how it looks in the sun, the holo is smooth and pretty but not super strong.
I used 2 coats over Nfu Oh Aquabase and then added one coat of top coat. The aquabase is mendatory here otherwise it's difficult to apply.

Pink Plumeria is part of China Glaze last year's neon collection. It's a coral pastel neon. A pastel neon seems something impossible and yet that's how Pink Plumeria is. It also has some gold shimmer in it.
I used 3 coats for the swatches here. The formula is a bit thick and the polish tends to shrink a little bit at the tips. It also takes a little bit more time than most polishes to dry. However the color is so gorgeous that I LOVE it! It's one of my favorite polish for this summer!

Itty, Bitty & Gritty is part of China Glaze texture collection! At first I was a bit septic when I heard that the CG textured polishes were a creme formula without any glitter, but when I had all my nails painted with Itty, Bitty & Gritty and that the polish was dry, I just loved it on me so much! I absolutely adore this brigh corally pink color and I enjoyed wearing it a lot! I'm quite sure I'll wear it again!
I used 2 coats and formula was nice.

Purchase info:
China glaze polishes are sold at Manor in Switzerland. In Geneva, you can also find them at La Boutique du Coiffeur. You can follow China Glaze Switzerland on Facebook.

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