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Another quick post because I'm quite busy at the moment. I wore this polish some time ago and I just loved it so much! I've got to wear it again ;D

Dior Sunnies is part of the Summer Mix 2013 collection that offers 4 polishes and 4 complimentary blushes. You can see swatches of the other polishes and blushes on Fashion Polish's blog here.
For the moment, I just bought Sunnies because it seemed the most unique polish but I'm really interested in Créoles and Capeline. And the blushes seem really great, too!
Sunnies is an orange toned red crème-jelly hybrid. It dries to a glossy finish and was super easy to apply.

As I said, I love Sunnies! It's a very wearable orange polish because it has a lot of red in it and it doesn't look as extravagant as a pure orange polish. It will look more orange or red according to the lightening, more orange in the sun, more red in the shade. To me, it's a real must-have and I don't have any dupe in my collection. Oh, yes I will probably cave in and get Créoles and Capeline...
Purchase info:
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter or directly through dior.com.

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