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If you follow me on instagram, you may know I had the opportunity to attend Estée Lauder press conference for fall/winter 2013 where I could discover upcoming products! I guess you can imagine how excited I was and I must say I am very impressed with almost everything! ;) I would also like to take the time to thank all the Estée Lauder team because everyone was so  nice and friendly, and they gave very good explanations on every product. The presentation was sincerely very interesting!

I will start to present you what was inside my goodie bag (oh yeah!) and then I'll add some pictures of the event!

Sooo let's start! The first product is the famous Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Honestly, if you don't know this product yet, you have to try it! It's sincerely awesome. It works very well to make your skin smoother. Also, if you tend to have red spots on your cheeks (like me ;D ) or other parts of your face, you will love it because it helps a lot!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair has now been reformulated. So what's new?

Estée Lauder has collaborated with the University Hospitals Case Medical Center (Cleveland, OH) to conduct an independent clinical study about sleep and its effect on skin. Basically, sleep is of utmost importance for cell growth and the restorative functions of the organism. A lack of sleep has already been associated with medical issues such as obesity, diabetes or immunodeficiency, but to date there was no scientific examination of its effect on skin functions and aspect. The objective of the study was to determine the influence of a chronic lack of sleep on different skin parameters, such as skin aging and its capacity to deal with external stress factors. They proved that there is indeed a correlation between the lack of sleep and a reduced skin capacity to repair cells after external stresses. This might seem obvious but it is actually the first time that this was scientifically proven.
Estée Lauder took into account the observations made during this clinical study to develop their new serum. So what is new in this serum is the "synchronized recovery complex II", which helps the purification process of the skin that is performed during the night when you sleep. It stimulates the elimination of metabolic wastes that can cause cellular damage and activates the repair mechanisms of the skin.
The technology present in the previous version of the serum (Chronolux™ technology) is also there to support the repair action of the "synchronized recovery complex II". This technology features the clock gene technology that helps support the natural synchronization of the skin’s night-time renewal process, so that every skin cell renew itself at exactly the right time.

To summarize, there are two key elements in this reformulated serum: the Synchronized Recovery Complex technology (skin purification) and Chronolux™ Technology (synchronization of the cell activity). Cellular performance are therefore optimized, skin cells perform more efficiently and effectively and the skin overall natural nightly renewal increases.

I typically don't sleep enough and I must admit, I'm rather happy with this serum. It does improve the overall appearance of my skin that feels smoother. Honestly, that's a great product and if you are in the same case as me (who doesn't get enough sleep), I highly recommend  this serum! All the people I know who have tried it are delighted!

Now concerning the makeup, the new collection for fall is called Molten Metals. In this collection, you have lipsticks, eyeshadow trios, lip lacquers, and nail polishes and the key adjective of the collection is "metallic"!
Estée Lauder Trio eyeshadow in Beach Metals.
This trio is made of 3 neutral sparkly yet subtle shades. That's the perfect palette for everyday looks!

OK, guys, let me tell you this palette is my new everyday palette! The colors are beautiful and I guess they fit almost any skin tones. The eyeshadows are easy to apply, very creamy and they stay beautifully on your eyelids all day long.
For the swatches below, I applied the eyeshadows dry. If you want a more intense look, you can of course use them wet. You can for example add a drop of water in the mirror of the eyeshadow case and briefly dip the applicator in it and then take some eyeshadow before applying it on your eyelid.
Estée Lauder Lip Lacquer in Hot Cherry.
This lip lacquer has about the same opacity as a lipstick but the shiny effect of a gloss. It feels very moisturizing on the lips and is not sticky at all. It has some gold shimmer particles but didn't dry my lips. It lasted a few hours on me (eating and driking included). It is supposed to last 6 hours. I would say it lasted about 4 hours on me but after that there was still a stain/wash of color, which is pretty nice in my opinion. Another important thing is that the combination of the applicator and the formula of the lip lacquer make it so easy to apply it where you want it to be. You almost don't have to do any cleanup even with such a bright red.

I also got a makeup remover. I already talked a little about this new line of makeup remover, cleanser and purifying mask that was introduced last spring (HERE) but I hadn't had the chance to try any of them. I tried to remove different types of mascara and eyeliner and it worked very well and removed everything without effort! I will definitely repurchase it when it will be empty ;D

You can see the 2 different phases in this picture.
And finally we have Estée Lauder's new fragrance called Modern Muse. I must tell you that I'm very picky when it comes to fragrance but I absolutely adore Modern Muse! First time I smelled it, my brain froze a little because I was amazed at how nice it smelled! I'm a bit addicted to it now! It's my new favorite fragrance for fall!
Interestingly Estée Lauder Modern Muse doesn’t have a top, heart and base note as most fragrances, but has instead two accords. You have the floral accord dominated by jasmine and the woody accord with patchouli, vanilla, amber, and musk. Thanks to this unique and creative concept, this fragrance will give two first impressions. Some people will recognize the jasmine first, while others will have access to the woody touch first. Personally, I recognize the jasmine first but it was interesting to see during the press conference that indeed some people discerned the woody accord first, while others recognized the jamsine first.

And now a few pictures of the event!
Molten Metals look!

Molten Metals collection.

If you are curious about the Molten Metals polishes, Maja of CrimiNail Art swatched them HERE. The ladies from Estée Lauder team were wearing them and they looked awesome! I was really impressed. They looked so bright and gorgeous! Recently I got 2 polishes from this collection and I'll post swatches soon so stay tuned!
Once again, a big "thank you" to the Estée Lauder team!!

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