Glitter Macro Wallpapers: more!

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I hope you had a nice weekend!

I've already made some glitter macro wallpapers for phones and as you liked them, I've decided to make more of them! By the way, thank you for your feedback, I'm glad some of you are using them ;D If you missed my previous glitter wallpapers, you can click HERE.
Just as a reminder, I got the idea of making such wallpapers from Sarah of Chalkboard Nails!
So today I'll give you phone wallpapers of some Emily de Molly, Lynnderella, Cadillacquer, and Shimmer polishes that I have!
From your computer, right click on the picture and open it in a new window in order to get the high resolution picture.  
On your phone, tap and hold on the photo then save it to your phone. You will then be able to set it as your wallpaper or lock screen!

Pictures are high resolution images and I've resized them to be compatible with IPhone 4 (pictures on the left) and IPhone 5 (pictures on the right). They should also work on most Android phones.

Emily de Molly - Bright Young Things

Emily de Molly - Falling Skies

Emily de Molly - Harmony

Emily de Molly - Insomnia

Emily de Molly - Simplicity

Emily de Molly - Violet Days

Emily de Molly - You Don't Own Me

Emily de Molly - Zombie Spotting

Cadillacquer - Fireflies

Cadillacquer - Don't Be Scared

Lynnderella - BirdBrain Blue

Shimmer Polish - Fanny


 Shimmer Polish - Kelly

Shimmer Polish - Karine

I hope you enjoyed them! Do you have a favorite? At the moment, I have Emily de Molly You Don't Own Me on my phone ;D
Thanks for stopping by!

PS: As I'm not adding any watermark on these pictures, I'm asking you not to take them and put them onto your blog/website. If you want to share them, please, share the link to this blog post instead.

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