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I received Kérastase Lift Vertige from Coolbrandz to give it a try and give you my thoughts about it. Coolbrandz is a platform that is entirely dedicated to the Swiss market where they feature new and cool brands that are available in Switzerland. You can learn more about it HERE!

Kérastase Lift Vertige is a root-uplifting gel. It's formulated with a heat-styling protective agent. You have to apply it on damp hair at the roots. Using a brush and blowdryer, lift the roots for a volumizing effect!

Design and packaging: First of all, I really like the packaging. What I like are the colors - teal and gold  look luxurious together - and the fact that the the bottle is not completely smooth but has a little bit of texture for an easy grip. The delivery of the gel via a pump is very convenient.
Importantly, you have the instructions written on both the box and the pump dispenser.

Characteristic and use: As I mentioned before the product is a gel. It's NOT sticky and doesn't leave a greasy feeling in your hair.There is no specific smell. You have to apply it on damp hair. I typically use 3 pumps for all my head.

Effect: To see the root lifting effect, you have to use a brush and blowdryer and lift the hair roots. It's supposed to give more volume to your hair. I did notice more volume! The effect was definitely there but not "spectacular". In fact when I hear "lift vertige", I expect something crazy and out-of-this-world but the effect is more subtle than that lol However if you're looking for more volume, it's a great product mainly because the texture and formula of the gel is very nice compared to other products. It's not sticky and doesn't make your hair looks greasy. Moreover, I have the clear impression that my hair is smoother and feel silkier. So I really like it for that! That's a huge plus for me ;D

Don't forget to have a look at Coolbrandz website and follow them on Facebook (French version, German version).

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