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Glitter lovers, come here! I have swatches of 3 Shimmer Polishes to share with you. If you're not familiar with the brand, Shimmer Polish is a brand created by Cindy, she is based in the US, and adore glitters! She makes polishes with tones of glitters and love and every polish is named after a woman important in her life.
I've already swatched quite a lot of Shimmer Polishes. You can see them HERE.
Shimmer Polish

I will start with Shimmer Polish Kelly. Kelly is made of gold and green glitters in a clear base. The gold glitters are holographic, which makes this polish super sparkly!
I've used one coat of Kelly over Essie Shake Your $$ Maker (reviewed HERE) and did a gradient on the middle and ring fingers. By the way, I cannot express how much I love that green Essie ♡
Shimmer Polish Kelly

Shimmer Polish Kelly

Shimmer Polish Kelly
I love this combo so much!! When I had to remove it, it literally broke my heart!
Next is Fanny. The main color of the polish is pink but you can spot a lot of other colors when you look at it closer (cf the macro picture). The base color is slightly tinted in pink. I layerd it over Essie DJ Play That Song (reviewed HERE).
Shimmer Polish Fanny

Shimmer Polish Fanny

Shimmer Polish Fanny

Super pretty, isn't it? In fact, I love wearing Shimmer Polishes with this gradient/full nail combination!
And the last one is a very special polish! Cindy kindly offered to make me a custom polish! Yay~ I was so excited when I heard that! I first asked for a polish with mainly white glitters and with additional light pink and blue ones and I wanted different sizes of glitters. Unfortunately white glitters were not available at that moment, so we went for pink and purple glitters. And then Cindy did her magic and created this baby for me! And it's name Karine (my name ;D )!
So Karine is mainly made of pink glitters in different sizes and shapes with some tiny purple glitters. The medium sized glitters are holographic and reflect different colors. The base color is pink.
I used 1 coat over A England Ophelia.
Shimmer Polish Karine

Shimmer Polish Karine
Shimmer Polish Karine

So what do you think of Shimmer Polishes? Do you prefer using them on the whole nail or as gradients?
I must admit I have a weak spot for Kelly! I think it looks awesome over Essie Shake Your $$ Maker! Of course, I also love Karine lol I actually love the bar glitters and the holographic glitters in it.
As always, Shimmer Polishes are easy to apply and have a good formula.
Purchase info

Shimmer polishes can be purchased from Shimmer Polish shop. Each polish costs $12. You can also ask for customized polishes, which are $15. You can follow Shimmer Polish on Facebook.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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