Cadillacquer Breaking Bad Collection (Part II)

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Are you ready for Cadillacquer Breaking Bad Collection Part II?
This collection is inspired by the famous series "Breaking Bad" and consists of 12 truly amazing  polishes! I showed you the 6 lighter/brighter colors of this collection (HERE) and today, I'll show you swatches of the 6 darker polishes ;D
All 6 polishes are very complex, with a subtle scattered holo effect and shimmer. Pictures don't do them justice, you have to believe me! I used a diffused flash for some pictures to show you how they would look in full sun.

Car Wash is a denim blue-based polish with a pink/purple shimmer running through it and subtle scattered holographic effect.
I used 2 coats. That's exactly the type of blue that I love (this one and navy blue) and the shimmer and holo effect both add a lot of depth to this polish! I really like it!

I'm The One Who Knocks! is a forest green with a green shimmer and scattered holographic effect.
I used 2 coats here but it's almost a one coater. Awesome, isn't it? :D

Mr. White has a black base with color changing sparkles that shift from blue to purple and scattered holographic effect.
I used 2 coats. In this one, the holo effect is very very subtle because the holo particles are super fine but it gives the polish much dimension. The shimmer however is quite strong. This one was unexpectedly one of my favorites from this collection!

Pink Teddy Bear has a dark blackened base with pink, slightly color changing sparkles (from pink to orange) and scattered holographic effect.
I used 2 coats. Pink Teddy Bear is the pink version of Mr. White. This one is also very pretty!

Can you see the tiny pink flecks here? It just looks so awesome!

Say My Name is a dark brownish berry red with a strong blue to purple shimmer, blue sparkles and scattered holographic effect.
I used 2 coats. OMG! This one is out of this world! I love everything about it! To me, it has something from a galaxy pattern with its brownish red base and strong blue shimmer. Can I confess something? OK but this have to stay between you and me! Say My Name is the first polish from this second part of the collection that I swatched and when I had it on my nails I nearly shed a tear of emotion because I found it so awesome. That's no a lie, I'm weird, I know, but I was so excited! So thank you for that, Madeleine (the creator of Cadillacquer)!

There's No Better Reason has a very dark green/grey base with gold flecks and sparkles and scattered holographic effect.
I used 2 coats. There's No Better Reason screems fall to me. I'm in the mood for such dark greyish green polishes and the gold flecks just add interest to the polish and make it even more fall appropriate!

And some summary pictures ;D

You can enlarge all the pictures if open them in another tab/window (right click)!

Wow they were a lot of pictures in this post! In fact every polish in this collection is so complex and wonderful that it needs more pictures than usual to characterize it.

I guess you understand it right, I really love this whole Breaking Bad collection. Each polish is unique, original, and very well executed. They're beautiful and, what is also very important, they have a very good formula, easy to work with. I think Madeline, the creator of Cadillacquer, did an unbelievably amazing job!
Now I cannot wait to wear them all as full manicures!

And you, what do you think about this collection?

Purchase info
Cadillacquer polishes can be purchased from Cadillacquer store or from several retailers (see a list HERE). You can follow Cadillacquer on Facebook.

*Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*

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