Cuccio - Precious Metals & comparison with OPI SUEDE

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Today I want to show some polishes I've discovered recently. They are awesome because they have a suede finish! The brand is Cuccio and the collection is called Precious Metals. It's made of 7 polishes with a suede finish. I picked all the colors except a grey one because I already have 2 semi-matte greys and I thought they were too similar.

The polishes are well pigmented. I used 1 coat and no top coat for all the swatches. You may want to use 2 coats to smooth out everything depending on how you polish your nails.

Bronzed Goddess is a brown shimmery matte polish.

Cobalt Cool is a bright blue shimmery matte polish.

Copper Show Stopper is a cinnamon-copper shimmery matte polish.

 Iron Clad is an eggplant shimmery matte polish.
Vivacious Verdigris is a dusty green shimmery matte polish.
Rose Gold Romance is a purple with pink undertones shimmery matte polish.
Some of the colors of this collection seem quite close to OPI Suede polishes!
I only have We'll Always Have Paris SUEDE so that's the only one I can compare it with :D
On the picture below I have OPI We'll Always Have Paris SUEDE on my ring finger and on all other nails Cuccio Rose Gold Romance. They look very very close and it's hard to tell them apart. The OPI is a tad bit more silvery than the Cuccio.

Ring finger: OPI We'll Always Have Paris Suede, all other nails: Cuccio Rose Gold Romance.

I'm so happy with these polishes! I love shimmery matte polishes but unfortunately they are not so common so when I saw these polishes, I didn't hesitate for long! I first saw Bronzed Goddess on Penélope Luz's blog HERE.

I've already worn some of them as full manicures. You have to know they chip faster than regular polishes, probably because you don't use top coat when you wear them but I think they're totally worth it! What do you think?

Purchase info
I purchased these polishes from Victoria's Beauty for $10 each. They're all in stock. Nail Supplies also sells Cuccio polishes. Not all the colors are in stock but they are less expensive ($4).

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